The Chainsaw Man Episode 11 will be available on Thursday, October 11th

Denji and Power meet their new trainers. Between that and the new devil we need to get into a deal. Below are the details of Chainsaw Man episode 11. When Chainsaw Man Episode 11 opens on Tuesday, December 20th. In Japan, the episode will end Wednesday.

Denji and Power meet their new trainer. Aki is going to agree with the new devil to create a contract. Here are the details for Chainsaw, Episode 11!

When a chainsaw man appears, the episode 11 has released.

Chainsaw Man episode 11 is coming out in the USA on Tuesday 20th December. In Japan, the show will be out on Wednesday 21 December at 12 noon.

Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series for international audiences. The episode with English subtitles should be out around an hour after Japan’s release. In the USA, that would be at the following time on Tuesday:

  • ET
  • CT
  • PT

Where to watch a man called “snapshot”?

The Chainsaw Man is streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Chainsaw Man Episode 10 Recap.

Denji and Power visit Aki. Denji and Power’s fight for the apple, while Aki asked who survived in Division 4. They mention that only Kobeni and Madoka survived. After the two sides leave, Aki asks the Curse Devil how many years he has been leaving. He then mourns Himeno. Denji caught him crying, which makes Denji wonder why she doesn’t cry for Himeno.

Makima introduces Denji and Power to their new trainer, Kishibe. He calls himself the toughest devil hunter and says hell hunts Denji and Power until they can defeat him. Denji and Power try to attack but Kishibe attacks them easily. He says hell turns them into the best by killing Denji and injuring power almost infinitively.

Kurose and Tendo ask Aki if he wants to continue working at Public Safety. If he stays, Aki will need to get a contract with a stronger devil. After training, Denji and Power decide on how to defeat Kishibe through their brains. Their intention is to abstain Kishibe the next day, but they fail. Between Kurose and Tendo bring Aki to the place where Public Safety locks up the devils. Kurose asks Aki about the girl who visited him, so it is revealed that she is his sister. She taught Aki to read the letters she received, where Himeno talked about how she wanted Aki to quit working. A new contract has been signed with Akis, so Kurose and Tendo can go to the Future Devil.