The cuphead DLC is one of two million copies that were sold for $2,811

An MDHR studio is famous on Twitter. The Trophy Trophy has been announced in 2018, and many players have high expectations. We finally met Cuphead The Delicious Last Course this June with the new addition of Mrs. Chalice the florading character, a Cuphead and Mugman, who are played-able characters. To our anger, we can report that [H] was [his] only [his] time.

Studio MDHR is very popular on Twitter.

In 2018, the Cuphead DLC was widely anticipated by many players. Then, on June 30th, we finally saw Cuphead The Delicious Last Course, the new addition to Mrs. Chalice, which a Cuphead and Mugman are as playable characters.

To our surprise, we can report that The Delicious Last Course went Double Platinum, and sold two million copies across the all-platforms!!

We are very thankful to all the people who joined Cuphead, Mugman and Mrs. Chalice in this new adventure.

StudioMDHR (@StudioMDHR) December 13, 2022

Today we found out that Cuphead, the delicious last dish, has reached 2 million copies sold. This is of a real success with a title that came out so recently and isn’t AAA. Between these excellent numbers and the Netflix animated series, it seems that the Cuphead license has a very promising future.

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