The James Gunns Superman movie gets new Plot details

James Gunn, director and co-owner of DC Studios recently revealed he was writing a new Superman movie and that he was not gonna be there, and that he was late for that. The filmmaker has given more information about what to expect from the new film. Gunn reiterated in a series of tweets responding to the user's textual message.

James Gunn recently revealed to him he was writing a new Superman movie and that he couldn’t join him. Now the filmmaker gave more information to help explain what his story is about.

In a series of tweets responding to an audience, Gunn reiterated why Cavill wouldn’t appear in the Superman film, while adding that, while having an younger audience, would’ve been a fool. Gunn said that in spite of that, Superman will know many of the people in his life before the film occurs hell even become a younger version of himself in the process.

He isn’t meeting the big characters for the first time, either. He is very young.

James Gunn (@JamesGunn) December 15, 2022

Gunn even took some time to answer those who asked why he wasn’t in the lead role anymore. A fan of the book called Gunn said that they didn’t know why gunn didn’t let Cavill go, given the coldness. Gunn replied that it was nothing but cold, that he spoke to Cavill multiple times since their open and honest and respectful debate, and that both are good.

I’m pretty cold about that. I sat in person with Henry yesterday. We had an open, honest and respectful discussion. We’ve talked and talked; he and I are all good together. And I said what I needed to say yesterday, but I don’t know what you would want me to say.

James Gunn (@JamesGunn) December 15, 2022

Although not all of it’s known about Gunn’s Superman films, we don’t know that they are going to see a younger Superman in the role. In the recent report from Variety, the report was a bit expanded. The report notes that the script will focus on Supermans life as a cub reporter in the fictional city of Metropolis.

From the report, the documentary was discussing how he would meet key characters in the film, like colleague Lois Lane, among others.