The New England Mountains Reserve is now available to theHunter: Call of the Wild

A summary contains many biomes, such as alpine ridges and spruce forests. The elk joins the white-tailed deer and the black bear as the newest big bear. Some of the famous animals include moose, white-tailed deer and red fox. The New England mountains reserve is now the 13th and the 13th edition.


  • Includes biomes such as alpine ridges and spruce forests.
  • The elk is joined by the white taildeer and the black bear as the latest big bear.
  • The moose, laver white fox, and laver fox, all wild animals.

The New England Mountains Reserve is the 13th and newest location to be added the Hunter: Call of the Wild. In the eastern part of Western Maine, this reserve has 15 animals to hunt, among other animals, Great Ones and Moose, with their newest member, and the newest.50 kg muzzleloader. Besides the New England mountains reserve, you can buy cosmetic items for your purpose.

New England mountains aren’t for all the annoyances of our heart. Our new biomes range from rugged alpine ridges, rugged mountains spruce forests, vibrant meadows and large autumn lands and deciduous forests. With views of ancient mountains, bubbling rivers and meandering forest streams, the reserve offers unforgettable adventures when you explore the stunning open world. You’ll find inspiration from some of our most popular parks, such as Layton Lake, Hirschfelden and Silver Ridge Peaks. That marks the return of another old friend, Doc, who you’ll remember from the Lake District of Layton.

We wanted to attract a large number of animals to the hunt. The New England Mountains have 15 species of animals, including moose, a black bear, a white tree deer, a red and gray fox, a wild turkey and more. If you are looking for a new trophy for your lodge, then look no further than the greatest to join the mighty Call of the Wild, the Moose. The elk has joined the black bear and white deer to bring our catalog of the relics to three, all of which can be found in the New England mountains.

There is plenty of people to choose from. On hunting, you might want the new.50-caliber muzzleloader. This new weapon can shoot, from a middle-sized deer to a moose. Due to the very long reload time, you should check your shot count. Choose a gun of the brand new.50 cal sabotaged hollowpoint and the.50 cal polymer-tipped sabotaged bullets.

In addition to the New England mountains, we’ll introduce other new games that can be enjoyed by all players. Great Moose can be found in a reserve where moose is occurring. Were also refined three animals: Red fox, white fox and elk. Although you hunt such refined animals, you will find prey who migrate through treasures without being able to find it. This is the gray wolf in the Medved Taiga and the cane of the Yukon Valley. A paint and a camouflage are the theme of two cosmetics.

We want to thank players for their continued support and feedback. Your passion for the Hunter: Call of the Wild inspires us every day and we hope you take the steps of the New England mountain today.

The elusive Call of New England’s Wild Walls is for a moment.


Welcome to the New England Mountains. Bring your clothes and go to the Appalachian mountains. Your wits are in control of an old friend, find three beautiful animals and visit an old friend in this beautiful spot. Hunt in breathtaking surroundings The White Mountains of the northern Appalachian Mountains cover approximately one-quarter of New Hampshire and parts of western Maine. In dense vegetation, this exciting map provides a fantastic new area for hunters. Spend some time in forest, by the river, or by the lakeshore. Then find an amazing place and crouch to see the wildlife. Imagine the perfect opportunity to sit back and take in the unique surroundings around you! This reserve, however, enables you to experience some beautifully refined loot. These improvements are seen in the noble white-tail deer, the beautiful red fox, and the majestic elk. This doesn’t make things more simple, and loot can be sheltered in a very diverse landscape. Old growth forest, flowing water and a landscape built by glaciers provide a backdrop of dense forests and large boulders. Whether you are looking for wildlife in lilac or in evergreen forests, the New England Mountain gives you the opportunity to relax and have a drink. Plan out your tours and activities The New England Mountains are teeming with life. Hunters have to plan carefully in order to go to the peak. When they’re trying to get there to the world or simply wander into the wilderness for a moment, players can get creative with both their favourite weapons and the two products that they add to their preferred brand, giving them a new hammer feel. This is a perfect way to show off their custom gear before starting out in search of a treasured man named “Yoot.”