The story of the dead: the soul – the story by a second: The Yin-Yang london reaches the end of the dead

The new trailer of the 2 episode 3 shows that the red Yin-Yang jade is light up for the first time in three years.

The ever-ending stills for Alchemy of Souls 2 Episode 3 are constantly soaking up. After making the announcement of the second episode, the late Lee Jae-wooks Jang Uk and The Yeo, Shin Yoon, helped the guests celebrate their first night together before the kiss kissed them. However, the new ones today focus only on Jae-wooks character and a shocking revelation that he re-erupted after three years of enlightenment.

The producer of the show described this anticipated turn in events as revealing the yin-yang jade, who is sleepless for three years, is going to reawaken. Please consider whether the Nak Soos soul is calling Jang Wook through the jadeor, if the thy-wing of the blue jade, would a third party help that is going to get attention with the sky?

New stills from Alchemy of Souls, Part 2 Episode 3:1

The story of Alchemy of the Souls started in the first half of the season, with the new chapter, Light and Shadow. During the first season, speed increase three years. While the last episode had Jang Uk proclaiming that Bu-yeon is already married, the recently released stills of that new episode can once again link him back to his former love. What are the causes for the yin-yang jade to come glowing now after three years? Can this help you reconnect with your beloved loved ones?

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We are as shocked as Jang Uk was when we saw this groundbreaking event. The second half of the jade, and the blue stone, was buried with Nak-su in the first season, but with the red jade lighting up in Jang Uks hand, could this be a start of something new?

Look out the New Age of Alchemy of Souls 2 Episode 3 now!

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Watch the Revelation of the Great Master and the Dark Souls episode 3 as you watch the 3rd episode of the Alchemy of God.

If youre as curious as to find out what awaits us all during the next day, tune in to Alchemy of Souls 2 episode 3 – starting tonight – at 9 o’clock (20 o’clock 2022). The show, directed by Joon-hwa, stars Hwang Min-hyun, Shin Seung-ho, Yoo Jun-sang, Oh Na-ra, Jo Jae-yoon, and is directed by Shin Seung-ho, and is directed by Shin Seung-ho, along with other cast members.

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