The TouchBar is back to Mac as part of this patent, but not as we expected, but as far as the TouchBar was present

Since our Macs and iPads are backlighting, we can use the keyboard firmly for our typing even in the dark. It helps us to see precisely which keys can press without having to have an external light source. But the keyboard backlight can do a lot more than that. Apple recently patented a way to use [] that [i] patented.

The backlighting of the keyboard on our Macs and iPads, you can easily tap in the dark, so you can save time. Getting to know precisely which keys you should press without having to have an external light source. And keyboard backlights can do much more than that.

Apple recently patented the idea of using a Mac’s key backlight to make changes to the symbols we see on the keys. A mix of a classic keyboard and the Touchbar that we’ve seen on some Macs is possible to make this part of our computer much more adaptable to every use and circumstance.

Possibly a possible evolution of material which would seem irremovable.

The patent, that was filed by Patently Apple, was filed this week and relates to the MacBook keyboard. In this document, the company says different systems can display a number of symbols on the keys rather than the pre-printed labels on the computers we see today.

According to the patent, the key would have microperforations that allowed the passage of light and would form a system that illuminates a number of symbols and letters. The system would also ensure that every key with light emitted in the main image is focused on its symbol, instead of filtering through the sides of the key, as in certain keyboards today.

By going further, the patent imagines, in addition to the matrix of pixels, whether in the micro-LED or OLED, that allows the keys to act as a small screen. The energizing would be the same, but the accuracy would be higher, thus giving many more possibilities for customization when displaying symbols, or perhaps to manage and use different languages.

Microperforations with LEDs on which the letters are displayed.

The idea, however, is not to mount a screen for each key, a small screen on the key. Rather, the different microperforations on the keys can be adjusted to a particular LED which can be switched on or off so that the key can be viewed in the colour either. In addition to this system, Apple could use new materials for the keys of our Mac, it is said in the patent that it would be possible to use aluminum, so that the keyboard area would have the same look and look as the rest of the mac unibody.

Although patents, as we have repeated, don’t necessarily have to be published in finished products, it’s clear that Apple is doing research and wants to improve keyboards. A part of our Mac that would be easy to take from a real estate standpoint but still growing, and a lot. Although it’ll continue to be physical, a keyboard would be much more advanced than a touchscreen, but a small keyboard would be able to work quickly to different situations.

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