There are six fun games for free that week

Christmas isn't until next week, but there are plenty of gifts available in Steam and the Epic Store now. Five games are free this weekend and, as always, some games are only available for a few days. There are still some, but the others come forever. By the way, GOG is also giving away [] the [] funds.

If you wait next week for Christmas, there are lots of gifts available on Steam and the Epic store. In total, five games are free this weekend. As always, one can only play one game for just a few days. While some games can go on forever.

Besides the game as part of its winter sale, the GOG is giving away games here.

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The GOG started the Winter-Sale project.

Over 4.000 discounted games and presents are available now.

History shows that the two main points of the week are modern warfare.


Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer review: MW2 stumbles to success.

Shooter | builder: Infinity Ward | Free to play until: December 19, 2022.

The Battle Royale Warzone 2 is free anyway. If you like to play multiplayer, is it the best time to go to CoD Modern Warfare 2.

On the other hand, the big mid-season update Season 1 Reloaded started this week with new weapons, a legendary map, and, for the first time in CoD history, raids: a raid was carried into play and rolled into play.

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Modern Wars 2: CoD Modern Warfare.

The first raid is here. All questions answered about Atomic Degrees.

On the other hand, the first real double XP event is running, so you can take advantage of your players account and multiple weapons much faster.

Here’s the link to the game on Steam.

More free games.

Assassins Creed Valhalla:

The AC Valhalla was released about two years ago, but now finally is complete. The last DLC recently emerged. You are free to play base game right now, but limited game time won’t deliver you far in the big open world.

You can play until December 19, 2022 (Click this button on Steam).

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After two years, finally the very good Assassins Creed?

With the next-gen-inspired features, FIFA 23 finally became a really good part of the series again, both visually and in terms of gameplay. In its recent reissue, only the popular career mode has been a bit neglected. Yet currently there’s a World Cup mode.

There’s no such thing as the part on Steam.


FIFA 23 test video from the last FIFA from the EA.

In the co-op shooer Generaton Zero you’re going to be forced to survive an alien invasion in the 80s.

You can play until the date of 19th October 2022 (His link to the game is here on Steam.

On weekends, Amazon’s Open-World-MMORPG New World is free. If the new World World is not for you, but you’re still up for an MMO, then it might be worth a visit.

You may play until December 19, 2022 (click the game on Steam)


How good is New World now?

Epic has a Christmas promotion.

The Christmas campaign, which will last for five days, has started at Epic since the 15th of December.

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Epics Free Promotion.

What is the free game between 15 and 14 days?

There is a free game every day at five p.m. sharp. Last year there were really good games like Control, Prey and the Tomb Raider Collection.

Are you taking a look at Modern Warfare 2 this weekend, or want to play one of the other free titles?

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