There is a new world’s biggest anime robot statue and its not in JapanPhotos

Guinnessgrants glory to Grendizer.

Guinnessgrants glory to Grendizer.

The first anime I’ve ever watched was the UFO robot droids. Would you see the characters in the eyes? That’s how they draw them in Japan, explained my brother, even though I realized how significant that information would be in my life to follow.

The first thing I watched was the upcoming revolution, Grandizer, that new version of the series dubbed and localized for release in the US. But while Grandizer was never really made it all that big in America, but realized he has already received many enthusiastic fans in a large community of countries, like Saudi Arabia. The large sculpture is now owned by a grendizer statue, not just full-scale, but even larger than that of the Super Robot classic created by Go Nagai.

Recently added to the commercial area in the hotel/entertainment complex, the grendizer is 33 meters long. That’s actually 3.7 meters taller than the robots’ official height in the anime/manga. It is not only the Grendizer statue bigger than its source material, but also the larger statue of the anime mecha that any other anime mecha statue is surrounded by. Its closest competitor is Fukuokas 20.5 ml., followed by Tokyos 19.7 ml., Shanghais 18.03 ml., and the 18-ml. original Gundam, and Kyotos 15 m Evangelion Unit-01. The Grendizer statue is now accepted by the Guinness World Records association as the world’s largest metal sculpture of a fictional character.

The statue was built by the manga production company Saudi Arabia, for its new license agreement to promote the Grendizer franchise in an urban park and entertainment space in the Middle East.

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