This is a free game for us, but there’ll be disappointments

Was it still the new free game of the day in the Epic Games Store? Are you beginning to become timid or get serious? Here is your gift all day. For the third day in a row a new free game is due for the Epic Games Store at seven o'clock sharp. This year's advent calendar []

Did you find the new free game yet in the Epic Games store? Do you begin to get timid? This is your holiday.

The fourth day in a row, a free game will be available from the Epic Games store at twelve o’clock. It’s coming on the next track with two separate titles on offer: Bloons TD 6 and Horizon Chase Turbo. When both of them are highly reviewed by their respective communities, Internet users expressed their disappointment. On the one hand because they expected bigger productions and on the other hand because of the past two free games, they had already been offered. Have you ever sold two without three?

A free game is available at the Epic Games Store.

By the end of the year, Epic Games will change its usual routine. Instead of giving away a weekly prize, the creators of Fortnite give gamers a reward until the end of the year. One-time, one-half-time discount can be picked up from the PC store until December 30. The hostilities had started with Bloons TD6, a tower defense game with nearly 200,000 very positive reviews on Steam then Horizon Chase Turbo, an arcade racing game that is especially appreciated by fans of the genre. What is the third gift in the advent calendar?

Netizens have already got the next free game, so that it could make the group frighten. It would still be a title as to the Costume Quest 2. This title will also come in October 2020 on the Epic Games store and invites you to explore scary landscapes over time. Dress up in adorable costumes that bring you into the perfect Hello Warriors. If you don’t, take out a candy card to defeat a legion of hygiene-obsessed villains. That new free game, almost confirmed at that moment, is to be picked up from December 17, 2022 at 17:00 – 18 at the same time.

Please download the summary article. This is going to be updated in the advent calendar and as soon as a few days as our delicious French drop the next name, the next name will be updated.