Toho shares its first look at SPYFAMILY Musical, Announces Full Lead

With a new kudo in popularity this year for its successful anime adaptation, the Tokyo Endos manga SPYFAMILY is the latest to receive a musical adaptation in Japan. The season ends on the 8.03.2023 at the Tokyo Imperial Theater; it won't run until 29.03.2023, before relocating to other venues [] [] in the season.

Since i became an international sensation this year, kudos of its successful anime adaptation, Tatsuya Endos is the latest to receive a musical adaptation in Japan. The season is starting on 8 March 2023 at Tokyo Imperial Theatre, which will run until 29 March 2023, then head to other Japanese venues until upcoming late-May 2023. Look some of the casts in action above, and scroll down to see which cast is currently confirmed.


The following: Win Morisaki () and Hiroki Suzuki ()

Yor Forger: Fuka Yuzuki () and Mirei Sasaki ().

Anya Forger: Aoi Ikemura (), Miharu Izawa (), Miharu Fukuchi and Risa Masuda ()) (received by Ikemura () and Aoi Ikemura (received by Igyu, “Crisko)” (received by Wifu, or axida izro).

Yuri Briar: Kurumu Okamiya () and Tsubasa Takizawa () ( )

Fiona Frost: Natsu Yamaguchi ()

Franky Franklin: Kento Kinouchi ()

Henry Henderson: Soma Suzuki () (op.

Sylvia Herwood: Manato Asaka ()

Other roles and groups:,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, LEIOH,,,,,,,

Between Yumi Suganuma and Emiko Morisaki, publicity imagery and photography.