Turn off the heating or water. What should I do when I’m not home?

News JVTech Turn the heating off or down: What to do if you aren't at home? Published on 17/21/22 at 22.30. Good energy consumption is essential in the winter, especially because it is economically difficult. But what's to do when you're not home? Is it better to turn the heating off or just to lower it? Here's the [] [] the [] I came back to a.m.

News DVM Tech Turn the heating off or down: What to do if you are not home?

Published at the 12/17/2022, 10:10.

It is important to have a solid energy budget in the winter, particularly due to economic reasons. But what should be done when you’re not home? Should I turn off the heating or just take a break from the main heating? Here is the answer to that complex question.

Heating is not only becoming more expensive due to the price of gas, heating oil and electricity, but also the excessive use of this third energy source may cause a load slash in a number of regions of France. If you’re home, you should not exceed 19 °F et therefore set the thermostat accordingly. But that means you can go and get it done for an hour or two weeks.

Should I turn off the heat when I am gone?

The answer to this question divides experts: Some believe that a vacant apartment should not be heated and that even when the heating goes off for a few more minutes, the excess amount of money is offset by the savings saved by the remaining time. For others it’s better to leave the heating on but turn it down to continue heating but less.

And the opinion that isn’t uncommon today is the one that requires adapting to the insulation of your home. If your house is well insulated, especially for double glazing, it is not cheap to take a good hot air thirty. When you turn off the heat you’ll also retain the heat for a long time and won’t freeze in a few hours. In this case, it’s logical to turn down the heat when you eat a little bit.

If your home is poor insulated, heat escapes quickly, even if you close the radiators completely, an freezing cold sets up quicklyand can affect your home, including plants, furniture, books and some electronics.

The heating on and the window open, that’s a huge no.

Turning off the heating isn’t a good idea.

One should also say that there is an absence of a few hours and a lack of days. You can lower the heating to a temperature of around 15°C for short-term absence.

If you go for several days, you can turn the heating down a little longer without turning off the whole time. Put the heating and cooling with an antifreeze switch so your temperature stays between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius in your home. This protects your home and limits the risk of a torrent of moisture, which is extremely important in poorly insulated apartments. Look for the ventilation systems that work well.

The connected thermostat is the ideal solution?

In these times, in case your accommodation and budget are good, we can give you a touch of the clock. With this type of device you can take care of the temperature of your home in real time, wherever you’re. You’ll also be able to lower or raise the temperature locally or remotely or adjust the temperature on timetables.

Today, many models are on the market, especially for electric radiators. This solution generally represents a reasonable investment that allows for large savings in time. The solution you’ve got for your house is the ideal way to control the temperature.