Two new Battle Systems screenshots shared by Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters

On January 25 23 the fans of the Neptunia series can dive into the next spin-off chapter of the franchise, called Neptunia: Sisters and Sisters. This instalment is focused on CPU candidates: Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram but will also feature CPU-deads and other new faces as playable characters.

On 24 January 2023, fans of Neptunia will be able to read the next spin-off chapter on Neptunia: Sisters and Sisters.

This section has a much bigger focus on CPU Candidates: Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram, but also has the CPU Goddesses and other new faces as playable characters. In this latest version of the game, meet several faces you will meet. One of these is the new Higurashi, which is based on the sound novel works of the 2007.

Ipaao is a novel, published internationally by Idea Factory International. Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is coming to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 5 and Steam from 24 January 2023.

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When the Goddesses were taking a distress call from the faraway PC Continent, Nepgear and the other Candidates received a search for an abandoned lab.

There, we found the goddess Ashen, who trapped them in a deep sleep capsule. When they woke up, a few years had passed.

The latest smartphone, the rPhone, has become a popular market.

Since her mission to the PC Continent, Neptune has been missed, and in l’absence of its Goddess and Candidate, Planeptune was plagued by a strange new phenomenon, the Trendy Outbreaks.

Nepgear suddenly became distressed.

There are a few examples of hope in time for despair and the rebirth of the goddess based on destruction.

What does a simple cake? As you move to Gamindustri, you’ll encounter a multitude of enemies. Time is a long time to fight! Use combinations and train your attacks in real-time. Take control of the battlefield in an actionable tactical system!

Get a Planeptune look Throughout the game, youll find fun accessories to bring up and customize your party members. Having completed the game for the first time, you can show your style by using the new photo mode. You’ll also unlock two BRAND NEW characters created by two legendary game developers Higurashi from Ryukishi07 and Shanghai Alice from ZUN!

Have you heard the people humming? The vast majority of the population has moved to the rPhone for all life, including communication. By connecting to the Chirper social network you will get a variety of side quests done by those in need and earn special rewards.

Match Games 23 At the same time, you can have three party members out. Add member of your team to a partner for stat increases and elemental bonuses. The stronger the bond, the better the bonus!