Universal Control for Apple and Mac was promising. A year later, it became her reality

It was a star that's been specialised last year. Mac, Mac and iPad are supported by Microsoft, and was presented by Microsoft. Apple showed Universal Control at WWDC 2021, and MacOS Monterey and iOS 15. That's how you can use one keyboard and one mouse in order to use your Mac and iPad, without configuring virtually anything. That works like a lot of other Apple things. There is a word from you.

That is a top priority of last year’s product. Apple proudly showcased Universal Control at WWDC 2021, along with macOS Monterey and iOS 15, showing how with it you could use one mouse and one keyboard to use your Mac and iPad without configuring almost anything. That works like many other things on Apple.

Since Universal Control ceased in 2008, we have a few newer versions of operating systems installed on the devices. It seems that it’s taken a step back. Have something happened?

The best technology isn’t what you don’t perceive.

I personally tried Universal Control as soon as it appeared in the stable version of iOS and MacOS, in May 2022. I had to activate the option on my devices, but then everything was as silk as it was in. Even though I didn’t have to tell my Mac what position my iPad is in, I could easily move the cursor from terminal to terminal. My partner, David, showed it on his twitter with a video of it: “You can tell.

David Bernal Raspall (@david_br8) January 28, 2022

Some other users of the Internet, too, expressed their astonishment about the network:

Foncho R (@alfonsoluis) April 26, 2022

Juan Miguel Sosso (@jmsosso) April 12, 2022.

In community like Reddit six months ago, there are posts raising the novelty, with some still complaining about limitations such as the non-use of gaming devices. like the consoles themselves.

The conversation, which is more recent, vanishes slightly. And this can prove two things: they forgot universal control exists or they adapted it so well to their daily lives that it became their ideal: a task that has the task of doing it without having to bother with it.

Like most of any thing, Donald Norman said in his book The Design of Everyday Things: Good design cost more to distinguish than bad design, so it becomes invisible. Apple’s best features are those that you can forget because they go unnoticed because they fulfill their purpose and we see them as a real necessity. Only when it fails we realize how much we can miss it.

Im not saying that all users use Universal Control everyday, most fans are those who use various devices simultaneously on a table. In my personal case, I usually leave my iPad charging up next to my Mac, which in a hurry causes me to move the cursor towards the screen. I wanted to remind you that the feature is still there, and I really appreciate when I need screens for my device.