A collection of the top 10 internet internet options has been given to viewers

It's weird to imagine the days when Netflix wasn't the only option that was available to you. People had no choice but to subscribe to Netflix (considering the fall of video rental chains) to see certain content. Some years a year are long after that and people have no choice but to pursue their dreams. In fact, there are lots of streaming services for people in the United States (Canada is not unfortunately still very late).

It’s weird to imagine the days when Netflix was most likely the only option. People had very little choice but to subscribe to Netflix (making in mind the fall of video rental chains) to be able to access certain content. Some years have passed since people have no choice anymore. Most of the money comes from people in the US (except for the fact that Canada is far behind).

Of course you didn’t need to cancel your subscription today. This list merely offers you some alternatives if Netflix does it for you as much. And trust me, Netflix often cancels or discontinues the content of ours. Read on to discover other lesser-known options that you may not know about for a while.



Plex is a free (with ads) streaming service that you can download on your device or console of choice. It is, no doubt, not better than Tubi, but its free and good selections are good. Considering you’re an aristocrat, you can find Black Christmas (1974), The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), Hannibal (series), Better Watch Out (1967), and much more on the app. In the end, the fact that Hannibal is not all that wide in advance is crucial. After they took the ball, Netflix really slipped the ball, so Plex decided to give us what we need, and not just for free.


(Madhouse and Viz Media)

Tubi is a dream where free (and inbound) apps come into existence. It’s just not your thing to worry about when choosing the most popular picks because of the covered cost of you. There’s more to be found in Tubi than Plex and it’s a variety that you can watch. If you want to watch YouTube videos of poor quality, Tubi has got you covered. Do you want top-notch anime? Tubi has covered you. Whether you like the horror classics or new films? Tubi probably has what you’re looking for. There’s a lot to find on the app, and you won’t be disappointed.



Shudder is of no use any doubt the top streaming services out there. The range of horror, thriller, Shudder exclusives, etc. is very good. The only downside I have is that the app is not available on the console, so there’s no option to download it offline. You won’t be bored when you browse the large variety of horror content. The service always adds new titles and the app is showcasing the genre. It’s also one of the most affordable, now-effective (koppon wood) services. The app can be downloaded on your devices that you choose.

(Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios)

I think it’s horrible if I don’t want to support this app. Though it is not so bad for paid streaming services, it is not so bad. For your tastes, Prime Video products like The Wilds, The Boys, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Paper Girls, etc. might satisfy you with a craving for content. The wide variety of movies and TV series available beyond their exclusives are amazing, too. And Amazon Prime gives you the option to offer a full-time subscription (as well as some AMC+, for example) which can be purchased at the store in the United States as well as internationally. So if you’re watching Interviews with the Vampire more than 50 times before, then you should go.

You can download this app for your device or console. Explore your country’s online store for more information about the services.


(Funiated Studios)

Various anime videos are streaming services, but Funimation is the wise choice. Of course some will argue Crunchyroll is better, but all of it’s a matter of preferences. Funimation is offering you free options, has several affordable plans, and if you like dub and sub, this has you covered! You can find the popular film Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note, JoJos Bizarre Adventure (next 1-3), Jujustu Kaisen and more.

The app can be downloaded from your device or the console of choice, and more information can be found here.


(HBO Max)

Crave is a Canadian app that allows people located in Canada to access all sorts of content. You can join HBO, HBO Max, Showtime titles like The Dragon, Euphoria, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, Gossip Girl (2021- ), The L Word: Generation Q and so on. There are only two choices, but the better one is expensive. This is the only downside, if I’m honest.



Disney is giant and can’t help trying to improve accessibility when it comes to its release. If you’re big on Disney movies and a series like Marvel or Hulu, then you’ve got limited options for streaming. Watch the films on Disney and Hulu for a commuting series like WandaVision, American Horror Story and She-Hulk. And even the most talked about 2022 horror films are available on Hulu platform.

(Photo courtesy of Netflix).