A foreigner threatens the open world like never before

A lot of aliens flew through the Earth after weeks of mysterious objects haunting the Milky Way. The fictional sci-fi movie is actually appearing in the virtual galaxy of Elite Dangerous. A maelstrom was turned into a mother ship, in which death clouds showed a terrible wind.

A mass of aliens invaded the human system after weeks of mysterious objects with the ghost of the Milky Way. What sounds like a sci-fi movie is real in the virtual galaxy of Elite Dangerous.

Both the vast maelstroms turn out to be a mute-on-born ship. The plundered clouds of acid, and apparently the starting point for the Thargoid fleet. When the alien species were passive or occasional, they grew up fighting and began to be at war after a story failed in an effort to save the alien species from the superweapon.

Now commanding is not only fighting for survival in the bubble, it’s for the regions colonized by humans, but also for the virtual home itself. Because now whole systems and according to the hexadecin, all of the bubbles are being put into the hands of Thargoids, and therefore would force humanity to retreat to the distant frontier systems of Colonia.

Read about what was happening here.

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Huge object has a fan revolting, he said.

Everything is at stake.

The players don’t desire to be chased out of their beloved bubble, for sure. Some also doubt that Frontier would actually implement such a major cut that would mean a complete loss of the bubble (including the protected newbie). But you can’t be very sure.

The Space Flight game recently got the long-awaited shooter elements with Evolving Dangerous: Odyssey. In this trailer we examine the invention.


Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Space sim becomes a first-person shooter, and the look seems like it’s too bad.

In any case, players are currently fighting wildly with the Thargoids to protect the systems. The war is over and on, as far as ever, on a lot more intense and, as far as we know, plus risks for all of the gamers. Delighted by the success, in all probability, only in the best role-playing manner.

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The value of warfare is up to $3 million.

In the World War II, a thousand of the game-based ships have been destroyed so far. We also suspect that this new ship variant is particularly dangerous, and also present serious danger to the commanders who have already experienced as Thargoid hunters.

The sweet taste of triumph is now short-lived in Elite Dangerous. No observers are reporting the next systems where the Thargoid Maelstroms are scheduled.

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However, the end of the season is exciting. The stakes haven’t been so high, and fighting rarely had more to do. Oh man, I’m so bad my ship is hanging somewhere halfway on Hutton Orbital. Now humanity could really use my Fer-de-Lance.

Do you think that the bubble is really dangerous? What did you think of the Thargoids?