AirPods Pro 2 and Amazon Echo Gorillas (second generation): Features, differences and prices

Having a wide variety of options that make it easy to stand out in the realm of fully wireless Bluetooth headphones, it is complicated. It can be the same thing as the cheapest way to reduce noise. Apples AirPods (2210) is the top selling service. But there are a few options that should be considered, especially when looking for something [a] thing [otherwise].

The vast variety of models available makes it difficult to stand out in the area of wireless headphones. And when you talk about the active noise reduction option, there’re some names that shine over the rest, such as Apple’s AirPods Pro (2022). But there are a lot of alternatives to consider, especially if you want something cheaper than the Amazon Echo – 2nd Gen. We put them to the next level to learn their characteristics, their differences, and their price.

Includes a Powertrain Pro (2022) and an Amazon Echo bud (2nd generation).


AirPods Pro 2nd generation: 0:20:20pm and 0:20pm, 0:26:10pm.

Amazon Echobuds (2nd Gen)

Dimensions and weight, not just the weight.

2 kiosios x 1,25 pode w 0.75 pode el, 6 oz de más, 0,95 pode aoz; id: 2 oz de 452 cm de x 6,06 pode y 2,17 pode osms a ramble (50,8 grams of weight).

Aarpiece: 2,0 x 19,1 x 19,1 mm (without a single flange or a flange) and 5.7 grams; Charging case: 6,8 x 28,6 x 39,1 mm and 44,4 grams.

Apple custom drive, custom high dynamic range amplifier, active noise cancellation, adaptive ambient mode, slotted pressure compensation, spatial audio with dynamic head track and adaptive EQ.

One-touch, power-intensive, dynamic driver, activation to reduce noise cancellation and vents for the nose and ear pressures acoustic control, but not the noise that’s required!


Two beamforming microphones, a in-facing microphone, skin sensor, motion-detecting accelerometer, voice-detecting accelerometer, and touch control.

Three microphones, accelerometer, proximity sensor, touch sensor, a Halle-effect sensor (hall office) three microphones.


Apple’s H2 chip for headphones and U1 chip for MagSafe charging case.

Realtek RTL8763C Bluetooth system-on-chip with integrated audio codec, NXP digital signal processor.


Press to play music, pause it or answer a call; double tap to skip the next song; triple tap to return to the previous song; press and hold and switch between active noise cancellation and adaptive ambient sound mode; swipe up or down to adjust volume; and say Hey Siri to play a song, make a call, get directions, and more.

Sweat and water resistance.



MagSafe charger, Apple Watch, Qi certification and Lightning charging are compatible with charging.

Cabled charging USB-C (lower model with wireless charging)


The video clip is taken on a simple charge. After 6 hours of recording play, as long as the video clip is allowed, to hold up to 5 hours of recording time. If you pay for video video, so it can take up to 25 hours to play, or 24 hours of recording time. Five minutes of charging equals one hour of reading or talking.

A maximum of 5 hours of music playback per charge with the ANC and Alexa voice control. To total 15 hours with the charging case, the revolving case is worth $150,000.


Bluetooth 5.3 and H2 chip.


iPhone and iPad, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPad, iOS, and Mac, Mac, Mac and iPad, and Windows.

iOS and Android (in use with both mobile phones and Alexa’s smartphone).


At $119.99, this includes more than two hundred and twelve centimeters.

Blue-eye-ringers (2nd s, ) and black.

AirPods Pro (2nd generation)

  • Design: The second generation AirPods Pro is still a must-have and has easily come to remark. Their new models do not look so oversized, but they are a little bulky and don’t go unnoticed. They remain in the front of the ears with no movement, but that also depends on the person.

  • sound technology: Apples proposal is quite complete with its powerful active noise cancellation, its adaptive ambient sound mode, the spatialization of the sound with dynamic head tracking and adaptive equalization. The Amazon Echo Buds also have active noise cancellation and an ambient sound mode. The quality of the ANC is decent and enough to isolate street or cafeteria noise.

  • Apple developed AirPods Pro (2022) the new H2 chip in the headphones, for faster active noise cancellation and connectivity, and in the case of a U1 chip, where it can locate this if it’s lost through the research network. Amazon says it uses the Realtek RTL8763C Bluetooth-system with integrated audio codec.

  • The AirPods Pro (222) has a new system that can amplify and lower the volume by sliding a small touch panel, something that can’t be used with any Bluetooth headphones. Amazon also lets you play the headphones at a slower pace as well as take three taps. You can choose between noise cancellation and ambient noise in the two proposals, skip songs etc.

  • charging case AirPods Pro (2022) is Apples only wireless headphones that come standard with Lightning, Qi and MagSafe, as wireless charging is optional on AirPods 3. Boosters are charged on your USB and C,Y if you want to charge wirelessly, you need to pay a little more.

  • Automaty: Amazon promises one hour playback per charge at maximum of one charge with the active noise cancellation and the next two minutes with this case. Apple upgraded the number of the original AirPods Pro and claimed up to six hours of recording power (5.5 hours with Spatial Audio) and 30 hours with the case.

  • Compatibility: Although the AirPods Pro (2022) are Bluetooth headphones and can be used with devices that support this technology, they are designed for use with Apple products. The Echobuds are integrated in the Alexa app, and these are available for iOS and Android.

  • Price: Apples proposal isn’t much bigger than Amazons: 299 dollars. Compared to 119,99 dollars for the electric version, the electric version is on $37.95.

A Pod Pro (2022) VS a Pod Pounds 2nd generation, which one should you buy?

We discussed this a couple of times, since they’re constantly in the Apple ecosystem, the best result can be achieved on your devices because of their high integration capability. That’s true with Apple TV, the AirPods Pro (2022) and the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple TV. Finally, it is a requirement that you enjoy with dynamic head recognition, the spatial audio is powerful, so it would only work if many other devices were used.

You can use the Google device to use Amazons Echo Buds with Alexa, but with iOS and Android, a similar feature could be used with tablets and smartphones with the same operating system. But if price is the most important factor, while only keen on active noise cancellation, it would be possible to save a lot of money with one’s Amazon alternative.

Echo buds (2nd Gen) Mobilphones with Active Noise Cancellation and Alexa | Black.

AirPods Pro 2nd generation.

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