All of Dragon Age 2 Romances, Ranked to all the Emperors, I’ve never had it yet

With all the fantastic options, it is difficult to find true love for Hawkes.

After the news has been released for many years, developers of the dragon game series have announced two big announcements recently. EA Games released the title of the next game in the series, and literally nothing else about this game. Literally all we know about this is called Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. This is a sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition. We also got an amazing animated series on Netflix called Dragon Age: Absolution.

I don’t know what other Dragon Age nerds like, but it’s in my mind that all these news will let me play for the 700th time. Unfortunately, Dragon Age II may not be the best time to fly in the franchise. From the repeated and limited maps, to the infinite ability to play as human beings, the euphoria feels stifled after the game. I love Yen Age 2 as well. The visuals are well done (I could look at my female warrior Hawke character after hours) and the romances are some of my favorite movies. With all the great options, it’s difficult to tell who Hawkes true love is.

(BioWare and EA Games)

Out of the five romance options, Sebastian is the only one I have never considered to choose. As part of a DLC, Sebastian can enter the game at any time during the game. Sebastian is a former prince whose family was murdered. He’s a grouch and a swathed, the former Chantry Brother is seeking justice. Despite all the intrigue, Sebastian is a sort of boring prude. If you’ve flirted with a certain other character at a later time in the game, you won’t have to meet him. For female Hawkes he’s only one option. Thanks.


— BioWare Games/EEA Games

After a few months, Merrill actually appeared in Dragon Age: Origins. She’s a mage and a hater of Dalish elves. She loves unorthodox or blood-shape magic, so the Dalish has no longer believed her. She’s sweet but still struggles with their identity after all she did. If you like her, she’d pick her. I think that she had much, going on to romance, so she should concentrate on herself.


(BioWare/EA Games)

As for Hawke, Anders came from Ferelden to Kirkwall. Anders was first introduced in extra downloadable content for Origins. He is an apostate man, who served as a Grey Warrant, too. Since he is also possessed by the villain named Justice, he is very self-loathing. He thinks he’s unlovable and is too slow to surrender his heart. How can you hardly appreciate a man who has died and loves cats?


(BioWare and EA Games)

An escaped slave who turned warrior of Tevinter, Fenris is the broodiest elf you’ll ever meet. His former master turned to lyrium to get more tattoos. His journey had left him without memories, but he has very cool abilities all over his skin. Fenris wants to free all slaves that I admire. He is a beautiful fighter and the best defender. To be honest, he is a very sad person and not very preoccupied.


(BioWare/EA Games)

It was very difficult to choose Hawkes true love, but I lied. The answer is always Isabela. From the beginning of the film Origins, Isabela had a complete character change between the two games. Isabela is a magnificent pirate captain and rogue. One hand, she has much Qunari drama, but it helps make things interesting. If you treat her right, Isabela is a great fighter and a loyal companion. You may find some three-some as well as romance with him. Maybe she’s biased, because she likes her piercings, but I think Isabela is only a right fit for Hawke.

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