Aokana EXTRA2 is developing a PC in the West; The newest version has emerged from the developer’s Sprite

NekoNyan introduced the sci-fi thriller Aokana: Four Rhythms In the Blue EXTRA2 in the west on PC via Steam and Denpasoft.

This is the newest title by Sprite since the company came back together in 2020. Now western players can enjoy the continuation of Misakis character route. It is probably the all-ages version, but the new version seems easily available for adults, as well as via Denpasoft.

Aokana, also known as Ao no Kanata No Four Rhythm, is a visual novel about young people playing a unique sport known as Flying Circus. In a world of the same importance as the advancement of anti-gravitational technologies, this competition has never begun.

That player is playing Masaya Hinata, a schoolmate of these girls who gets to take a coach’s mantle. As someone who took back from his personal circumstances in taking a tour of Flying Circus, he thought that he’d been back in the place he belonged to, now that he had taken another direction.

Although the original Aokanagame features 4 girls on its own, two of these were picked so they could purchase fandisks. While EXTRA 1 has included Mashiro, EXTRA2 allows fans to get closer to Misaki to see how she and Masaya approach approach her trip.

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