Battlefield 2042 introduces three new modes and more in-game rewards

Battle of Northvik, the event in which three new game modes will be distributed over three weeks. I have also collected some rewards such as soldier and enemy skins. We discuss everything you need to know for you.

Battlefield 2042 wants to keep you busy during the holidays, with an event tidiedly named Battle of the Nordvik, which will bring you three new modes with a total of three weeks on the road. Soldier and weapons rewards are also earned. We share everything you need to know.

In our article Season 4 and 5 you can find out what new content is going to be like next year.

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In Season 4 – and the newly confirmed Season 5 – that is what you have expected.

When does the event start?

It starts December 2022. The event runs for three weeks from the 10th of January 2023. Although the new Battlefield update doesn’t run until morning, there will be regular updates here. If you are on Christmas vacation, you could probably start.


The trailer for Battle of Nordvik shows new games and the date of production / release date.

What game can you use?

On top of that you’ll be able to use three new games for a limited time. Every mode is available for one week and is then replaced by the next. You also play on Spearhead’s new Season 3.

The first assault in the Arctic and northern provinces is on the first day of week.

In Week 1 you play a variant of Conquest that consists of attackers and defenders.

In the first week, Sturmeroberung is a multiplayer mode with 64 players. The focus here is on where fast-paced ground fighting lies. The following rule applies to:

  • The defending team initially holds all the targets, and the attackers start with more tickets.
  • Defenders HQ spawns are disabled during match. They can then only respawn from their squad members or spawn from a spawner after death.
  • There are no planes and no helicopters.

Secondly, the defense of Nordvik is a game.

A single mode of repression, the breakthrough, and the next.

Week 2 continues as a single-track mode combines equivalence, breakthrough and Rush. There are 32 players who want to take care of the Nordvik facility. There are a few rules here, and the following is their application.

  • First, as in Breakthrough, the attackers must fight against their way from target to target.
  • If they win, the game passes over Rush: The attackers now are forced to destroy their enemy radio stations and to throw explosives there.
  • As a defender, you mainly play for time and have to try to safeguard valuable data before the attack.

Day 3 of the first week of the week of the Third week of the week and the first day of the week of the month.

In week three, you play Breakthrough for 128 players. There are additional modifiers.

Last week there’s a total of 28 players involved in combat. You then play a special variant of Breakthrough using additional modifiers.

  • A higher speed of encounters
  • In the meantime, you must sign a new, faster ticket.
  • The speed of the vehicles is required.

What rewards do we get?

Of course hardworking players earn a lot of skill as rewards. Each week, you must earn a variety of ribbons, which unlock a variety of rewards. As for the last event, some new skins only come for purchase. However, you can now buy more free rewards.

The first week of my career rewards me.

Two full outfits, two hats, and a weapon skin must earn in the first week.

    • 5 Ribbons Epic Attacker headgear for the Sundance.
    • 12 Bands Epic Revelation’s weapon skin for the MP9 sexe python.
    • 20 Ribbons for Casper of the Epic Death outfit.
  • Free online store items are free.
    • Only one guard for Crawford.
    • Bastion Epic headgear for Crawford.

Month two rewards you.

In weekly two you can unlock 2 headgallons and 3 clothes.

    • Five Ribbons Epic Bastion headgear for Falck.
    • The acrobatie, which is made of two rare Marauders, is available for Mackay.
    • 20 Ribbons for Irish women to wear their epoch.
  • There are free books left over by a local bookstore.
    • Rare outfit Marauder for Falck.
    • For Falck, the Epic Attacker headgear is a lone helmet.

The third month of this week is a reward.

Week 3 opens two outfits, one headgear, one weapon and one vehicle.

    • A special special outfit for the spiders!
    • 12 Ribbons – A frog of Hellfire armor for the MCS-880.
    • 20 Ribbons Epic Vehicle Skin Thermobar.
  • Free store content.
    • A rare protective coat for Casper.
    • Bastion for Casper’s headgears Epic Headgear.

In addition, two new stores also have an in-game currency to buy for the event: 1.

The Battlefield Coin Bundle is 2400 Attacks in Dawn’s Epic Store.

  • A pestiled coat for Trueck.
  • Outfit War for Mackay.
  • What’s the sanity of hunger?
  • Weapon skin Testificates for the BSV-M.
  • Twilight Active, PX-45 skin.
  • Chromite weapon skin for the AC-42.
  • Nocturnal microbial gas, or gastric acid.

The Northside Rifleman Epic Store Bundle 1400 Battlefield Coins.

  • Archangel for Sundance Wear.
  • Outfit Bulwark for Falck.
  • Atomizer weapon skin for the VCAR.
  • The PBX-45 has the best weapon skin for use in your craft.
  • Percussion Cap is the weapon skin for the SWS-10.

How do you think the new games? What a sweet little word is. You’d rather play classic conquest or breakthrough.

Table of Contents.

  • When does the event start?
  • What game can you find out?
    • Week 1 of the North-West attack.
    • Week 2 Defense of Northvik.
    • Week 3 – Liberalization of the Northvik Peninsula.
  • What rewards do you get?
    • Month one is alluring.
    • Week 2 pays the rewards.
    • The three-week program’s rewards are paid for.