Digimon Con 20,23 is the first to be held on February 11

The new year of the Digimon franchise is 2022. In February, bandai Namco held an event called Digimon Con. Digimon Con features various content from Bandai Namco, but the most interesting part of the event is the announcement that the company is going to make. Next year's not going to be different. Bandai Namco announced that [] []he would have said.

2022 marked the first year of the Digimon franchise. In February, the company organised a special event called Digimon Con. The conference provides a lot of content from the bandai Namco, but the most interesting thing about the event is the announcements that the company will make.

No change will be happening next year. Bandai Namco announced Digimon Con will return next year. The company says that further details are going to be announced later. However, they have confirmed that there will be new information about the game. Regardless of the news, it will be possible for fans to come across when Digimon con takes place on February 11th, at 8.


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