Door 17 opened with a Dual Charging Station on Turtle Beach, 3x Cuphead and much more

The XboxDynasty Advent Calendar 2022 includes lots of prizes. Come by and see what's now! In XboxDynasty advent calendar there are a lot of games and great prizes that we raffle every day amongst all participants. Every day you have the opportunity to win great deals.

Each day a lot of money is hidden in the XboxDynasty Advent Calendar 2022. Now is the month of the year. Share the door with your friends.

In the XboxDynasty advent calendar we have loads of games and great prizes that we raffle every day among all participants.

It starts with 3x Cuphead! The disc version includes the Delicious Last Course expansion with new bosses and the new character Mr. Chalice. There are also exclusive comic trading cards, a vintage club membership card and a hand-painted cover. Enjoy six single-strip comic trading cards adored by the studio’s MDHR team.

The crazy goat should not be missing with a crazy advent calendar with even more exciting prizes every day. The rice simulator is fresh in the fresh ingredients.

There are also two LEGO games: Brick Tales. With a little luck, you will embark on an epic adventure with a giant LEGO diorama.

If you could take some action, you would be great for a spaceporter with Chorus. The game is the play of Nara to destroy the sinister cult that created her. Powerful weapons and supernatural abilities will unlock these next generation of Space Shooters.

Finally, there is a special treat, Turtle Beach Fuel Dual Charging Station, that you can use to charge your controllers and store your headsets.

XboxDynasty Advent Calendar Prices.

  • 3x Cuphead-shards incl. The Delicious last class DLC was developed in order to give you a little while.
  • 1 x Goat Simulator Three Discs, January.
  • LEGO Tower Symbols
  • Disc Shipping in January, which isn’t included in the shipment.
  • 1x Turtle Beach Fuel, dual charging station.

Microsoft Holiday Calendar Sweepstakes Rules For XboxDynasty and Advent Calendar Sweepstakes.

Process: Every day, we open the door for the incoming month’s news.

The winner will receive a private message if the winner wins the prize.

We’ll immediately exclude from the drawing any spammers who spam their account and, if necessary, block it.

Like in all sweepstakes, the general terms and conditions apply.

If you want to give us a boost in our life, leave a follow on our channels and share this little door with your friends.

Everyone in the XboxDynasty team is constantly shaking their fingers to get to the game, and wishes you a wonderful advent calendar time! This calendar is our thanks to you for your help and your trust.

You can also win a rare fallout edition that is strictly limited to you. For the raffle, please turn up here.

But that’s not all, because until December 24, 2022, you can also win a Gotham Knights Collectors Edition worth 399.99 dollars (RRP). You can go to the raffle here.

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