Grandia is a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the celebrated art, and the celebrations are planned

Game Arts developer has shared celebrations for the fifth year anniversary of Grandia. The full message was translated, viewed by our teams.

We’ve just received this charming illustration from Grandia director for the 25th anniversary! This makes me want to revisit Pam and start again a new treasure hunt adventure.

Aside from that, publisher GungHo announced they have some exciting celebrations planned for Grandia fans, new and old, so stay tuned! It’s definitely intriguing news, so you’ll always look at it.

You can see the picture below of the 25 years since Grandia’s comeback series:

Grandia tells The Story of Justin, who went out exploring the ruins of an Angelo Civilization. He is asked to go east and find out why the ancient civilization disappeared. The game was developed by Game Arts, the developer of the Lorenzo, and features turn-based battles and classic RPG storytelling.

Grandia HD Remaster carries exclusive Steam cards and achievements, with Widescreen support and customizable resolutions. Players can also re-map the controls for the keyboard and the gamepad.

Grandia HD Collectionon Nintendo Switch has enhanced visuals and supports the hybrid system a whole lot. In addition, this collection on Switch includes bothGrandia and II HD Remaster.

If you missed it, look at the collectionon Nintendo Switch.