In 2022 was the number one in the search for video games. What can I say, was this an important moment in the history of a game?

Pornhub shared the biggest searches in terms of video games, licenses and characters. It's surprising. Friends of bad stats, hello! Everything in this article needs to be taken literally. And so, no, don't look for links, ie not. Everybody is on an in-depth examination before the end of a year.

Pornhub found out the biggest searches for video games, licenses and characters. It’s not surprising.

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Hello friends of useless statistics and good taste. Everyone in the article must take literally. There’s no way I enlighten it, so don’t find any links.

At the end of the year, everyone looks at her annual statistics and submits his annually report. Every year from the Spotify retrospective to the Xbox One history a little bit to Switch, almost all brand lends themselves to that game. pornhubwhich happily lists the top searches related to video games.

The most searched video games are on Pornhub.

A relatively varied classification in genres, perhaps too much, which includes well-known licenses like Mass Effect, latter Legends, final fantasy or resident Evil. It’s one of the most curious and amateurs of pickaxe blows at the top of the podium of Fourteen days, followed by watch and Genshin impact. According to Pornhub, the top is almost identical to last years. In the list we find especially surprising licenses that we wouldn’t even have imagined there. When you, for example, Minecraft or Roblox, which has angular edges, you can look at your angular edges. I promise, we also think of Pokemon (to be honest, we don’t reference the grammatical sludges). So, the place 5 is still very new. And according to the classification, the coffee cups and the milk bowls aren’t far from common for that reason, as are the coffee cups and the milk bowls who like the best in The young people.

The most searched video games character searchers are the most popular ones.

Where the licenses are made, that is, where there is one to say, that the most wanted characters list is complete. There are still other examples where it is possible for us to have a great deal of interesting characters in a new chapter, such as the title “Grown’s Legend” or “Gab of Legend” but not only for the bottom of the leadershipboard is, closely followed by Ange, Tracer, Mei and Ashe. Surprisingly, no Winston, Chopper or Doomfist were on the speakerboard. The latter, however, was never there. A good ade of Genshin Impact is here, among other things: female character, too. While certain are looking for content that is related to a slime, a kind of sweet, colorful, and vibrant balls wringing around the game. We will find the imposing mascot Dimitrescu, of Resident Evil Village, that made players dream when it was announced, and Ada Wong, of Resident Evil 2. In second place, a Minecraft world with a highly popular adult mod simulating cubic romances is displayed. OK, right?

Most searches consist of films, films and film, and geek characters.

Since video games aren’t the only medium that we can fantasize in, Pornhub has gotten top marks among most wanted films, films, films and geek characters. There were hardly any surprises to find Harley Quinn in their first place, followed by the universe war of stars and his Princess Leia. On the other hand see sound close to the top 5 and sixth place in the spot behind wonder woman, we have to admit we haven’t seen it coming. Just like seeing The Incredibles, a short animated film from Pixar, and its Elastigirl, you will be able to turn the head. However, when we are seeing Spiderman, anger, Black widowBatman, or even Superman in the rankings, we believe that cosplay still has a great future in the adult film industry.

Most used consoles can be watched for watching a video.

Finally, Pornhub reveals the most widely used platforms for adult movies. The site also states that it doesn’t differentiate between platforms and has classified everything by brand. On the other hand, there is no Nintendo Switch, namely WiiU, 3DS and PS Vita. No, don’t worry, don’t ask more questions than you may. Seeing how the class is about, but a simple look is enough, in terms of its classification, most curious players on the PlayStation are. It has been said that there still is no support for haptic feedback on PS5.

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  • This is the most searched video game on Pornhub.
  • The biggest searches are the characters on video games.
  • Among the most searched characters in movie, television or geek films, they are geeks and most interesting.
  • The most popular consoles are for watching videos.