Inkulinati is going to be available on Xbox Game Pass on January 31, 2023

Your Lord of the Rings! We all at Inkulinati Academy are excited to announce that our Master and their beasts will come to Xbox and PC as a day-to-day release with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Everything would be good for medieval players like Hildegard von Bingen, Sir Godrey.

Your true supremeness!

All of us at the Inkulinati Academy were thrilled to announce that our Inkulinati Masters, along with their beasts, will go to Xbox and Windows PC as a whole day with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass! The greatest medieval musicians you’d expect include Hildegard von Bingen, Sir Godrey, Dante and so on. The odd Loony is all represented. Now, maybe you’re thinking, Well, yes, that is the whole thing, but what the hell is that? Is this a peanut? That, my Liege, is really a nice question. Let’s explain it. A peanut is a turn-based strategy game where a rabbit is aliveer than a dogs sword. You’ll find the enemies of the inculinati masters, with cunning, cleverness, wholls and wits on the pages of medieval books. Does it look interesting? Let’s talk to you a bit more.

In the afternoon, a fight is going on.

An individual player campaign has been growing since the age of sixteen.

In this salope, you are in a unique journey. It will be your dream of the world. I’m sure it sounds pretty simple on the surface, but you don’t be fooled, my wise Liege. That is a peanut The single player campaign is full of adventure and danger. Maybe even dangerous adventures (or gasp!). You will not only battle inculinati masters across the country but also encounter wild beasts (beasts that don’t have a master), meet interesting characters like the bard who can sing songs about your exploits (for a fee), a tea-side man capable of answering your thirst, and even a goose. Every time you embark on a new adventure, it’s always different to what you’ve previously done. No adventure is like the other. You are the same, Sir, if you are so brazen.

As for the tough decision-making process, a decision should definitely be made.

In multiplayer, Battle each other with each other.

Of course, defeating inculinati masters controlled by the dark forces of the CPU and AI is fun. We think you might try to win a win. For this we developed a virtual machine for multiplayer. I am going to decide on a new frontier, and decide on the art of the battle to become more interesting: bringing down the drawn beasts to life and if the dreaded apocalypse arrives, with any king-of-the-fear, it will take up a lot of pains and annoyances. This is stingy, my little spooky, I swear.

Nothing beats a sneak attack from behind, am I right?

It’s time for some more details about peanuts. There are still more news to come, so keep watching. It’s a peanut that will be available in the Xbox Game Pass for your Xbox consoles (Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S) and Windows PCs through the Xbox Game Preview program. What does that mean? Well, in the next few months, we’ll work with you, our community, to keep the games updated and new. We hope to continue this adventure. Until then, join us and take your spikes to the top!


Inkulinati is an ink-based strategy game developed straight out of medieval manuscripts, where rabbits butt are more dead as dogs swords. Experience inculinati duels with unexpected tactical depth (and humor!). Spend your bestiary money on the journey, win medieval kings, and get perks to unlock special powers. Go to an ink master, grab your quill and continue to write about your unique strategy to become the greatest inculinati of all time! With the help of a video game, the medieval people, and the other people who are talking for the same stupid things as that at the moment, finally the bizarre work can be transformed into reality. You’ll see sheep, sheep with spears, trumpets, man-eating frogs etc. Much more FIGHT LIKE AN INCULINATI The Inculinati are a legend who fight in medieval manuscripts. They fight putting alive animals in their eyes. This magical substance will create these creatures and they land on life. Move your beasts over the battlefield, execute actions with them, get obstacles tactically, and collect more Living Ink to draw new beasts that you can gain a win over your opponent. LUXATION, HONOR, BIZARRE SAND ANIMALS WATCH Donkeys who play the trumpet with their butts, a Bishop Cat that defeats heretics with prayers, heavy, but deadly slugs that eat units live, and more. There’s so much more! They all have their special abilities and await your command. SPECIAL ACTIONS PERFORMED BY THE INCULINATI BATTLE INTERPORATEN Nothing You can wreak havoc and damage. Touch your arms to crush your opponents, drag obstacles to create barriers, move your units with a swipe of your finger or detonate your troops to create pure mayhem. Remember your opponent can also do that. CUSTOMIZE THEY FOR EACH LOT ONE OUR BOOK. Every Inculinati has its own army of beasts, each with their own abilities, strengths and weaknesses (or fortunately depending on the group of you who you are on). And it’s not just the armies that influence who wins a duel. Each battlefield is a distinct domain with its own set of dangers to watch for, and opportunities to take advantage of. You must use your wits and adjust your strategy to defeat the enemy of Inculinati on a specific battlefield. A INSCIENCE STORY Uncover the mysteries and secrets of Inculinati and face foes like Death, Dante Alighieri and more. Go out of the world and begin the adventure! Defend the untamed beasts; build your ultimate army, to win your master back from death, and to finish the grand quest with the most popular party of all time! Howza!!! CREATE and GO EXPLOY YOUR TIME. As a aspiring master, you can create your own akin to Tiny Inkulinati. You’ll learn how to draw new beasts and to hand actions. You’ll understand the structure of your army carefully. You can become a brave knight who isn’t afraid and always shoots his loyal troops at his opponents. Would you like to play with a bit more finesse? You can be a nun who, with the prayer of an old man, can confuse his enemies and heal his own servants. These and more are waiting for your own attention. Relax! EACH HAND WHY HAS HAS ITS STORY For the history books of all future generations, the procedurally generated text describes the dramatic or hilarious events in detail above the battlefield.