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Family Season 2: Episode 12 review: Fiona causes problems in Loid and Yors marriages.

The 12th episode of spy x Family was all I wanted to be, but how did this episode work anyway? Now, without hesitation, let’s dive right into the review and see what this episode was like.

Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 12 Overview.

Even though shounen giants likeBleach: Million Year Blood War,My Hero Academia Season 6 and ssaw Manare are all streaming this season,Spy x Family Season 2stays strong amongst top dogs with an unconventional storyline and interesting characters. The series was set up by Endou Tatsuya, a hit movie that combine action and family-focused comedy.

After the first season of life, it seemed natural that we would get a second season for the Forger family. The anime is new with a stunning animation influenced by the triumph of season 1 and a fast-paced storyline that will never end in amazement.

Furuhashi Kazuhiro is directing the anime, and to the contrary, Wit Studio is responsible for her animation. The opening theme is SOUVENIR by BUMP OF CHICKEN, the last theme is Shikisai is the last.

Unlike the Family Season 2Episode 12 Review Contains Spoilers.

Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 12: A review and resume: Honeyteaching Yor.

We watched Yor in the last episode of the episode in which he was crying, but this was the first time we caught it. Because a woman from her husband’s office came to her and directly challenged her, Yor decided to think about Loid having an affair.

Despite being in the same age as the previous season, the family continued to show up for the season 2:1-12.

She starts to wonder whether he wants to be with Fiona rather than a sister. Episode 12 starts with Yor mumbling about how Loid needs to plan on throwing her off. Her neighbours witness this. They gossip about how though Loid is handsome, he must be unwise to cheat, and how his wife can report him being spy.

The naive listener is not afraid of the snimmick. He knows he needs to clear this misunderstanding as soon as possible so that he can protect his cover. Eventually, he leaves Franky as a babysitter for Anya and invites Yor to a bar for they to talk about Fiona.

Yor, on the other hand, is not taking this whole thing very seriously as Loid, as she was really worried that he didn’t need her anymore. When Loid attempts to talk about Fiona, Yor even gets drunk, so she can tell him it would be OK if he moved on.

By looking for her fidget, he is so anxious, he has quickly realized that he can use his feelings for his own purpose. She moves in for the kill and tries to convince them to make their relationship look like a real one.

So this whole ordeal was just too much for Yor, and he doesn’t take him away from embarrassment. Tollously, Loid thinks that he must’ve suggested such a thing a time. He even faints from Yors kick and wakes up later in her lap.

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That part was bizarre but it showed some sense of a fake couple. They aren’t loving yet, but they feel special to each other in light of the fact they do not know what they do now.

Second Family Season of Supra to Family Season.

This second part, too, was nice, as we saw that Anya going to a shopping visit with Becky and enjoying his time.


This episode again presented a pleasing and entertaining watch that is very enjoyable and interesting. As a shipper with LoidxYor, I hope they confront their feelings more, but at the same time im glad they’re taking their time to understand each other. WatchSpy X family is the second installment of TVFlix.

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