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Permissions management is a characteristic section of Xiaomi mobiles, especially before Google decided to introduce this feature natively in Android, and now it has many options for a lot of people to manage them. [Fondos de pantalla de Xiaomi: asi se desactiva el Carrusel] In MIUI settings, there are a few so-called special permits which are listed under [] []

Permissions management has been a characteristic feature of Xiaomi mobiles, even before Google chose to introduce this feature natively in Android. Now it has several areas that can handle these issues.

[Fondos de pantalla en Xiaomi: asi se desactivado]

There aren’t many varieties of special permits offered under MIUI settings. Special permits are particularly sensitive and often used to entice applicants.

Today we will show you how you can find and manage them to make your mobile more secure and never give them to apps you think don’t need them to play its primary role.

How to get the permission for special use on Xiaomi.

Apps with special permissions are granted.

The free Android version was released for Android.

Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phones have many other features and features offered by MIUI. There’s no exception to special permits. To access it, just follow these steps:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the section Privacy protection.
  • Click Special Permissions.

After opening this section, you will have access to different permits, which company names as special and what he emphasizes more so as to access all mobiles, that they only ask for if you don’t have one or two or three apps.

Permit to monitor a mobile device.

The free Android version is available.

One hand, if you don’t have a machine or a robotic system, one should give an expert permission to access the device.

Now you have to go by each of the permissions and see which app has been granted and if to remove them, and then find out whether to change them or not, without ever thinking about your privacy, which is very important.

Show system apps.

Android is free.

If you open the three-point menu, found in the middle of each permission screen, you can view the system apps and delete the ones you have called necessary.

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