Kingdom Hearts shares a compiling final fantasy character portrait for the 35th anniversary

The official Japanese Twitter account for the Kingdom Hearts franchise shared a celebratory image celebrating the 35th anniversary of the final Fantasy franchise. This artwork is composed of each and every Final Fantasy character on the Kingdom Hearts.

For example, if that’s one of the characters which is in the artwork, the characters they appear with the Kingdom Hearts are listed below.

  • Sephiroth (KH2 versions shown)
  • Cloud (KH1 version shown)
  • Wakka (KH1).
  • Tidus (KH1): the first time to be caught.
  • Selphie – Shown in KH1 Version.
  • Squall (KH2 version shown)
  • Aerith (KH2 Version shown)
  • Tifa (KH2) is a chinese food processor.
  • The video is the correct to capture.
  • Yuffie (KH2 Version shown)
  • Setzer (KH2): The 2nd level of height.
  • Seifer (KH2) is a proponent of the Seifer.
  • Fuu (KH2) is a Japanese-language language.
  • Rai (KH2) is a squander.
  • Yuna (KH2):
  • Rikku (KH2): 4×10.
  • Paine (KH2)?
  • Auron (KH2) is a neosyncratic and pyjamas.
  • Vivi (KH2) is a lone child.
  • Singing by sleeping is a miracle.
  • Moogle

You can view the full picture in the second paragraph below.

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In Kingdom Hearts IV, sora is in Quadratum with Strelitzia, a prominent character from Kingdom Hearts Union. This setting has a tragedy over its fates. This new book was also titled Lost Master Arc. On the other hand, some combat footage was showcased, with Sora performing Keyblade transformations against a giant entity that looks like a Heartless entity? We’re unconvinced.

The heart is confined to the soul. It turns out that fate leads to its rightful place is an important phrase used in the beginning of the trailer to the future mainline game.

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