Meta is creating an AI that can read minds: a historic breakthrough?

News JVTech Meta has developed an AI that can read minds: a historic breakthrough? Published on 21/12/2022 at 20:20 p.m. Artificial intelligence is taking up more space in our lives, and a new-world concept isn't that powerful. A AI already can interpret peoples beliefs and gives more than [] a person's mind.

News JVTech Meta is designing an AI that could read minds. A new breakthrough?

The book published at 16:20 on 17/2022 at 22:20.

Artificial intelligence takes a lot of space in our lives, but it doesn’t sound like Meta. An AI is already able to understand peoples thoughts and delivers a much higher result.

What kind of AI is it that reads minds? Yes

The ability to use brain activity to explain the speech is a very important subject in the ndollar science, but he is concerned with a matter of health. Patients who struggle to express themselves, communicate, or grow up with their vision benefit from technological advancements. The solutions that exist today are risky and invasive and require surgical procedures to implant leads.

Chez Meta, We were not busy creating evil virtual worlds or finding new ways to extract user personal data. People seem to be more than willing to make the world easier with artificial intelligence to understand brain activity and then decode letters and words.

But that science fiction! you’ll tell me. No way. That’s important to understand the human brain, and you see. Jean-Remi King is a CNRS researcher who works in the Cognitive Studies department at the Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris. This is, too, part of a research organization called Meta. He created a highly intelligent artificial intelligence.

First, King and his team trained the machine. Recognize and understand words and phrases in 56 hours of recording in 53 languages. This tool was used to explain how brain activity went on. During the experiments the volunteers listened to a few stories, and their brains were scanned, in order to know the magnetic and electrical responses that associated these activities with each other and that syllable or word.

I believe that with this data collected, it was time to take the AI test. After understanding the physical differences in the brain, the goal was to pick up the sounds of the participants by simple scanning the brain. In order to take a break of 1000 possibilities, the correct answer came from the top 10 70% of the time. The scientific community caught a surprise from this article, like Giovanni Di Liberto, a computer engineer at Trinity College Dublin.

The power of artificial intelligence has more than many thought about at that time.

Even when you don’t take something away from the research team (this is a big step toward an upcoming revolution), everything isn’t ready for real read people’s minds in a simple and practical way.

For now, the AI can decode words and letters from a predefined list. Gold, Human language has an infinity of words, different ways of telling them and their expressions change. There’s still a lot to do to make this practical in everyday life.

The machine, in the end, will not only be heavier and cheaper to produce, but also help people who aren’t able to communicate. Whether it’s to say yes or no, to request for a request / So, one day, may well.