Newer patch promises less crashes and more content

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Warhammer 40,000: Darktide’s final release began two weeks ago with major problems. The leaking of technology, due to performance problems and frequent crashes and, as well, the lack of content promised for the release, caused trouble.

In our review, we also found that it would have been better to postpone the release of Darktide, or at least start it in Early Access:

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40k Darktide of Warhammer.

Test: This murderer is a hammer.

Today, December 15, 2022, the developers want to resolve a large number of these issues with the first major patch after release: the iron out We tell you what changes you could expect in the 10.0.20-page version.

That’s in the big patch 10.0.20 which is on display in the bigger patch.

The first things are important: Developer Fatshark promises to fix many causes of crashes through the new patch. According to the notice, which you can find on the second page of this article, there were a number of bugs in the code that has been fixed: a bit.

  • Several cases caused GPU crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where clients would be notified of players’ lackluster knowledge issues from the server, which could cause a lot of crashes.
  • The VFX of fired projectiles crippled the game when the player finished playing the game.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a client crash when using a weapon under influence of different attack speed or reload speed buffs.
  • Many and numerous crashes unspecificatedly occured.


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With patch 10.0.20 all the bugs don’t only get in the game, it’s also expanded with new content.

  • Two new weapons: a two-handed Power Maul for Preachers and a one-handed Power Maul for Ogryns.
  • A new map can be created by which you must reach the top of a building and send the message to the Empire.
  • Private lobbies let you and your friends start without random players.
  • With the refinement, the first of these two missing crafting options is now available.

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Warhammer 40k Darktide.

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What’s your favourite part about Darktide?

Fatshark confirms that no technical problems have been solved. The next update should repair some GPUs and provide errors for the annoying error codes 4008 and 2007.

We believe that the crafting will end up with the next major update, in order to curb the widely criticized random factor in hunting for prey.

As of this second page, you will find the full patch notes for the current update.

Table of Contents

  • That’s the big patch 10.0.20 which is a little rough.
  • What is the hell about this?