Run a free game for some hours to run through the Epic Games store

With Epic Games Store, now you can download a new game for free. This game does not have anything to do with games such as free play or Thursday Games; it's the first Christmas free game, so you'll get a taste of the game before going to your library. You can download it.

The Epic Games Store has the time to download a new game for free in the next few hours. This game is not related to Free Play, except Thursday Games, its the first Christmas free game. Don’t play before you leave and add it to your library.

Download this weeks free game through the following link, and then download now the free game which will be available for free for the next two hours.

New free game limited time on Epic Games’ store.

Explore bizarre time-traveling landscapes, give clever new costumes that transform into Hallo warriors and collect spooky gifts to withstand a legion of bad behavior and violence.

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