Sony have left a clue about a new console in 2023

Next year, the PS5 will have three years old. That kind of hardware is coming soon. In recent months, new reports have begun to emerge about the PS5-Same and its supposed characteristics, and now it's Japanese [] who [is] the Japanese [s] []

Next year, the PS5 will be three years old. So the time’s right for Sony, as it did in its previous generation, to have the first major hardware revision. In recent months, reports have begun to emerge about the PS5 Slim and its supposed characteristics, and now it’s the Japanese company itself that anticipates the surprises for next year.

In an interview with Famitsu, Hideaki Nishino, vice-chair of Platform Experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment, asked about the possibility of seeing new models, like the much-rumored PS5 Slim. Although the manager didn’t take into the details of details for specific purposes, he did say we’d have news about this topic in 2023.

I can’t go into details now, but they will see what you’ve got to do next year, he said. It’s the first time a so important person at Sony has spoken about that. From his words, we can almost be assured that in 2023 we will see the first major revision of the PS5. The question still exists: Can I just pick up the PS5 Slim? What are these, or the Pro and other variants with the least useful features?

During the first generation of consoles, both Sony and Microsoft used the mid-cycle of their hardware to present a better console than the original one. However, in Japanese, the presentation of the PS4 Pro wasn’t completely positive. In sales, the world did not expect it and its performance wasn’t high on its direct rival, the Xbox One X.

Sony will surely have learned from the past mistakes so that they won’t repeat them if they’re really planning to launch a PS5 Pro. Despite that, it’s important to note that up to now there aren’t any reports on this hardware specification.

What do you know about the PS5 Slim?

Let’s go Digital PS5 Slim Concept.

The PS5 Slim, from which more features have already been revealed, is the opposite. Last September, Tom Henderson assured the first redesign of the PlayStation 5 will have a removable disk drivethus which will allow consumers to pick their preferred game format.

You might think this isn’t new, since Sony already has two PS5 versions to meet the same theme. The difference is that, if people with the digital variant want to change the physical format or to play the games on discs they already have, they must even purchase the Standard Edition. They wouldn’t have to buy the reading unit with the PS5.

Henderson added that this strategy will let Sony deliver a heavier, smaller design. Of course, besides performance, don’t expect changes in the PS5 Slim.

Later, in the month of November, The Leaker noted that the PS5 Slim will enter production in the second quarter of 2023. Sony’s goal was to sell it in the third quarter of the same year. As for the current model, it would not even be necessary to place it in a vertical or horizontal position. Sony would’ve also managed to reduce its energy use.