Star Wars (Millionaire Ubisoft): Development apparently advanced playtesters wanted, said many

During the meantime, it was almost forgotten that Ubisoft is also working on a large-scale Star Wars title, though the project has become suspiciously quiet since the initial confirmation. Even though the work has been done, Ubisoft is still looking for playtesters. After the expiry of a limited-exclusion clause that only [] one [] has to expire from the expiry of the opportunity.

In the meantime, it was almost forgotten that Ubisoft is working on a large-scale Star Wars title, after all the project was suspiciously quiet since the original confirmation. As for any work, it looks like Ubisoft is now looking for playtesters.

After expiring the limited limited-time exclusivity that let Electronic Arts develop games that existed in the Star Wars universe, it’s known that the popular sci-fi franchise is extending its horizons. Ubisoft has been experimenting with large-scale open-world game in the sci-fi universe since then, and this is finally making progress.

The fact that the Ubisoft Massive development team is now public about its existence and is even looking for games-testers for this project. The Swedish studio has officially been busy with the title since January 2021. Now, the first gamers should be able to enjoy the story-based Star Wars adventure.

In a tweet which was followed, Ubisoft Massive is now looking for testers for the game, and the research is very small. Corresponding play tests should not be processed online, but apparently on site. This is why the wanted playtesters live in Sweden.

We’re looking for playtesters to make this Star Wars project happen.

Massive Entertainment A Ubisoft studio (@UbiMassive) December 16, 2022.

We’re looking for an expert for the Star Wars project. Wed like you to register if you live near Malmo, the tweet said. The Interested parties with whom they apply can register via the official website. As the test is a requirement, the tester is at least 16 years old. Also, when you are a good-looking player who wants all kind of people to get involved, you should welcome everyone. There are also should be financial compensation for the time spent in spieltesting.

While all German players will likely acquire the Ubisoft Massives Star Wars game, it’s still good news that the project has come to a good end in the past few days. Everything isn’t known about it, but is it supposed to be based on the Snowdrop engine? We will keep him updated on any more developments, and Ubisoft is in a good mood to release the official details of the title in the new year 2023.

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