The asymmetry of the souls Season 2 Episode 3 Reactions: Bu-yeon and a Protective Jang Uk were the first to make fans happy

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 3 Reactions are here and fans like Bo-yeon and Jang Uk in this episode.

Alchemy of Souls season 3 began another weekend with the mages of Daeho and we love the event that a new episode has hushered us all. The sequel was filmed on TV on December 10, 2022 by Park Joon-hwa and directed by Lee Jaewook. The movie went off the air at the end of the month, starring J.J. Jin ohu and Kim Min, or Shin Seung-ho, or Yoo Jun-sang, or Oh Na-ra and Jo Jae-yoon.

The fans did the first thing about Episode 3 and I have to say that it’s clear that the sequel will finally bring the fans to see the positives of this season. A third episode brought in some important scenes, while the time we all have spent waiting for for- Bu-yeon to find her memories again.

Although this episode gave us amazing moments with Bu-yeon, Jang Uks aura and protectiveness did not disappoint as he stole many hearts today. He has certainly convinced us all to win over him, that means he is ready to help his wife whenever needed.

Like their individual scenes, the part of their sharing the screen forced us to cry while the other person stepped out long ago while is praying for his love. Even though this is a mistake, Seo Yul and Go Won once again make us fall in love; Park Jin has got fans laughing when he couldn’t recognise Naksu.

Here are some fans, they have a difficult time to read and read.

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My wife doesn’t sleep. Don’t call her in the middle of the night. This is the best thing about AlchemyOfSouls. Although he gave the cold shoulder to Yeong, he can’t stand to see him suffer and wants to improve his pain.

The incident hurts so much i have to say. uk silently mourns for yeong. the way yeong is clueless about naksu, a way of avoiding allusions – and sometimes just when yeong and yeong waited for her to come home. it was so soooo painful for osts #AlchemyOfSouls2Ep3 and naksu. the way yeong is g

When he had the urge to heed the energy of the jade stone, asking for a love of his life. That said, THEY ARE SO PAINFUL #AlchemyOfSouls2#AlchemyOfSouls2Ep3 and HERNESS is that it he is to trust her.

I’D like to write the letters.

To live, too. While no memory is enough, you can’t help outsmart Yeong. He’ll always be fearless. She is very cool about this. #AlchemyOfSouls2Ep3 #AlchemyOfSouls2Ep3 #AlchemyOfSouls2Ep3 #AlchemyOfSouls2Ep3 @AlchemyOfSouls2Ep3 #AlchemyOfSouls2Ep3 #AlchemyOfSouls2Ep3 #AlchemyOfSo

The Lonesome: An eloquences in both the season two and three reactions.

Jang Uk has ragingly barged in Jinyowon because his wife is in pain. Imagine what he would do once he discovered her love for his life, Naksu.

Yui. (@yuwelphoria) December 17, 2022.

Jang Uk has experienced an immense pain when he finds the Jinyowon thread sewn on his shoulder.

Eun (@eun_xx_) December 17, 2022

After securing Jinyowon, Jang Uk rushed home to Yeong to check on her and make sure she is calm, touching her forehead.

Dreamingsnowflake (@ramblingsofafan) December 17, 2022.

“You weren’t crazy because of that?” * held his tummy, “Let’s not do that?”

Eun (@eun_xxxx_] December 17, 2022.

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Somebody is asking for the baby, whether it’s a baby or not. There is the hotel bar that’s next to you.

yuwel (@yuwelphoria) December 17, 2022.

am (@vincassanova) December 17, 2022

b-jib – cs au, ksiing (@eun-xxxx).

Dreamingsnowflake (@ramblingsofafan) December 17, 2022

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Yeong seriously turned their marriage into a shotgun wedding, telling everyone he couldn’t control himself around her like previously suggested.

dreamingsnowflake (@ramblingsofafan) December 17, 2022.

No matter whether Jang Uk is alive or weaker in Daeho, he always passes on for Yeong, protecting her against the whole world.

Dreamingsnowflake (@ramblingsofafan) December 17, 2022

How strange you, Somin, and Younjung – you and Naksu, like a band.

for yournjung (@goyounjungpics) December 17, 2022

Everybody said why Yul didn’t recognize her when he only saw her dead body once, but this guy is the problem. YOU LITERALLY FOUGHT FACE TO FACE, PARKY JIN!

alina in her naksu’s wife, era 17th December 2022 (@linacaromina) December 17, 2022 – 2022.

Yuray han December 17, 2022.

liy (@kimyoungdaes) December 17, 2022

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