the China game was made up of a huge leak

The game "Assassins Creed Jade", slated for next year's visit to China, has been announced in advance. This video circulates in three minutes. Here are the first pictures. The Assassins Creed license still has a bright future ahead of it. AC Mirage will arrive next year for a homecoming, and many fans have been hoping [] that [] many fans have invited [] the arrival of the AC Mirage.

The sequel to Assassins Creed Jade has been announced by the developer in advance. A video on the web is already circulating for three minutes. Here are the first picture.

The Assassins Creed license is still out of place. AC Mirage will arrive next year for the homecoming so many fans have been waiting for. Amen, amnesty, amnesty, amnesty, and amnesty, who have the right to sign a title very different from the others. Ubisoft announced Assassins Creed Jade, an open-world mobile game set in China, as well as console and PC games. The episode of this story has become a big leak today. You will look like this.

First video of the Assassin’s Creed Jade robbed.

Ubisoft games and leaks, beautiful love story. After the emergence of the Assassins Creed Jades by the time of AC Mirage, he gets his attention. The stolen video was posted this weekend in the Internet. We see a first look at the ambitious mobile game that was designed for the traditional story. The first images are, as well, driving forward, with a gameplay and an interface like the last three productions in the series, such as Valhalla and Odyssey, with a leveling system for all enemies. For a production of this calibre, it sounds really promising, especially because it is an alpha version, which is not by any means the final version of AC Jade.

The few clips show Dengling Bai trying to protect an old fortress against attackers. Taking a moment to look at a battlefield journey, ride a zipline and a film or a film before the game. One should remember that the Assassins Creed Jade allows players to conquer China in 215 BC. to experience. They can create their own character for the first time in the series and even cross the Great Wall of China. No release window is being announced for this episode. While you wait for the upcoming games of the saga, Ubisoft invites you to play Assassins Creed valhalla for free this weekend.