The difference between the original iPhone and the 14 Pro in one image shows the difference between the camera and the iPhone

An image from the original iPhone's photo and the new iPhone 14 Pro Max reminds us of the important technological developments we witness. Join the conversation. Have you seen this first iPhone? Since the beginning, many people used this mobile.

The image that compares the camera of the original iPhone with the new iPhone 14 Pro Max reminds us of the great technological advancement we saw.

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Do you remember the first iPhone? If you use this mobile since its creation, many memories will come to you with this question.

It’s been a few years since the announcement and arrival of this device, when he developed what we know today.

And then you could see an image shared via Reddit which shows what the camera camera the original iPhone had and what the newly launched iPhone 14 ProMax is currently on.

Camera comparison between the original iPhone and the new iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The original iPhone camera was 2 Megapixels and could record videos. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a full camera system currently: the smartphone 12.

  • He has 48 MP nit with wide angle.
  • 12 MP and full angles.
  • Telephoto lenses are 12-megapixels and 2-megapixels, so you can’t find a full photo of the shot.
  • Telephoto lens with 3x 12 MP.

He also can record video in up to 4K resolution at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps, and other tools that allow the addition of filters and video recording in cinema mode.

That’s a huge difference, isn’t it? It’s, but we don’t forget that it took more than ten years to try out the best Apple software today.

Heres how a video from the channel exposes it Technicalityin, which the original iPhone is presented in all its glory, showing us all the functions and features it has. The video is for tech lovers.

At that time, the original iPhone was a technological revolution while with that ability until then that didn’t experience the same thing. Achieving to be the beginning of something very big for the company and the users.

And you, have your first iPhone? Have you started comparing your first one to the one you’ve already owned?

This device isn’t without doubt a popular device. It made a big impact on users as a whole, since it was a part of adolescence for many and for others, it was the first to market for the brand.

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