The film Dying Light 2 explained the way this soundtrack was made

Dying Light 2 is certainly one of the most remarkable games of the game. Techland gives us a musical journey – in collaboration with Olivier Deriviere. A composer which is brilliant at Dying Light 2, evoking us a curious mind to understand how he created it. Olivier explains the decisions [] through 4 videos that appeared on YouTube.

The sound of Dying Light 2s is, certainly, the most impressive of the game.

Techland offers a musical journey to us in collaboration with Olivier Deriviere. The composer behind the fantastic Dying Light 2 soundtrack invites us to understand how he created it. With 4 videos posted on YouTube, Olivier explains how to shape one’s own sound element, as well as exploration parkour, enemies, mission-specific music system, etc.

This documentary is rich and well-written and satires the title, well-written and apt for which the composer has received many well-praised reviews because of his work in the music section.

The only thing that surprised me was the number of musicians who contacted me directly in order to express their enthusiasm for the music. They told me about all the emotions they felt while doing parkour, fighting, building a world, and discovering the story. It was everything I could hope that for that – players would enjoy the music, soak it up, and feel it added so much to their game. – It got a lot of positive response from Techland, but i like to get into the music of Dying Light 2 like never before., says Oliver.

The full playlist is here on this link.

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