The Games’ 2022: Milestone reached: Viewership breaks record

Geoff Keighleys Game Awards have been won this December. The best games of the year were honored and numerous new top titles were announced for the first time and attracts many spectators. Decembers The Game Awards is now one of the biggest events of the calendar year. This event's proving to [] that its biggest oxturn is the game of a frank year.

Geoff Keighleys The Game Awards were held again in December. The best of the year was honored and a lot of new top titles were announced for the first time and were attract to spectators.

December The Game Awards are the biggest gaming event of the calendar year and this is a trending event. In the past year, Geoff Keighleys format was started and 2022 surpassed a record, but it was also a real milestone.

As has been confirmed, The Game Awards 2022 delivered over 103 million views of live streams around the world, breaking the magical 100 million mark. Of course, this is also a new record for the format itself, who attracted around 20 percent more viewers in 2022 than before.

Numbers of TheGames: history.

2022: 103 Million2021: 850 Million2020: 83 Million 2019: 45.2 Million 2018: 26.2 Million 2017: 11.5 Million 2016: 3.8 Million 2015: 2.3 Million2014: 1,9 Million

Next year marks the 10th annual show.

Geoff Keighley, [@geoffkeighley] December 16, 2022.

The Geoff Keighleys show made its debut in 2014 and attracted almost a billion viewers at that time. There were as many success years for 2019 and 2020, because with this two-year long growth till 2018, twice as many viewers were able to be enthusiastic as they did.

The event has been successful in different social media outlets. The game winners hashtag was a 31 percent increase in usage per year.

Next year the Game Awards will be broadcast for the 10th time. It will be interesting to see what special ideas Keighley and his team have for the anniversary. But as it can be said, the number of viewers will likely set a new record again.

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