The God of Rock Rhythm-Fighting Game is based on release date and unparalleled games

Do you think you have what it takes to win the best of the best musicians in the world in rhythmic battles? god of rock opens its world tour on April 18, 2023, unleashing a stack of high-energy tracks in which players can use to collect deadly combos in musical battles against others. Check it out (update) tuck in with [] on [everything.

Do you think you have the tools that you need to defeat the most talentful musicians in the world in rhythmic battles? god of rock opens its world tour on April 18, 2023, revealing an entire setlist of high-energy sanding tracks. Those tracks are needed for players to master to play in musical battles against other fighters. Check out the latest trailer above god of rock that combines combat and rhythmic gameplay.

The basic mechanics of rhythm fighting like nothing else.

In god of rock, you recognize your opponents as a greatest potential in the universe, and swoon them out with the power of your righteous strike. Like all fighting games, you and your enemies will take part in a match. The actual battle is guided by rhythm and the mechanics of a game. Follow the instructions on the screen that were made of music inspired by the stage and chosen character and caused damage in the face of your enemy.

As the fight continues and health bars get lessened, the beat will be at the same time. Keep up with the music or your attacks miss their mark. In these fights, everyone who loses their groove first will fall. Special and Ultra Attacks should be used in order to gain control over the fight.

No two games are the same.

The game starts with 12 unique characters with their own combat style and special moves. At the most, eight levels are exciting and four tracks have to choose from. Depending on the unique mix of selected characters and stages, your gameplay will change and it will give you new experience every time you change the way you play.

Masterful tracks from indie composers.

A talented team of indie composers has created a talented list of games that are 40+ tracks of music. It is everything for every rock fan, which is called Celtic rock, symphonic rock.

Do you feel musically creative yourself? The Beat Builder game lets you run a battle diagram and create your own fight hat. They’re not background musicians you are the main character!

God of the Rock is due to be released in the summer of 2018 on Xbox One and Xbox X|S. More information on god of the Rock and Mode Games, please visit or follow @modusgames Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and discord.