The story of the season opens in the Premium Edition for XSEED

The team at the XSEED Games announced that they will release a Premium Edition of the upcoming remaster/remake series The Wonderful Life. The game originally titled Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life was launched on the GameCube and later took place on the PlayStation 2. XSEED Games says the prime edition [] is [.

The team at XSEED Games announced that they will release a Premium Edition of their upcoming remaster and remake of the story of seasons: a beautiful life. The game, originally called Harvest Moon: a beautiful life, was originally launched on GameCube and later made its way to the PlayStation 2. XSEED Games says the new edition of the game will come with an adorable 3.5″ tall chest goat plushie and a large canvas poster in a custom box. Both of these will share original artwork of the series illustrator Igusa Matsuyama.

THE STORY OF SEASONS: A beautiful life is returned to the peace of Forgotten Valley where the protagonist fulfilled his fathers’ dream of a farm. As the season kicks off, players will find their lifelong partner, grow a child and watch them grow up. Will their child keep the family farm legacy or find out their calling elsewhere? Only time will tell.

A new generation can recall a memorable story like friendship, family, agriculture. The remake of STORY of SELLS introduces an assortment of new events, improved festivals, a cornucopia of ever-to-read crops, and even more cooking recipes. The Forgotten Valley is the best awaited film for fans in the back, and newcomers will discover the joy of live a relaxed farm life and the extraordinary characters that make this series a great series.

Introducing the Premium Edition #STORY OF THE AGE: a beautiful life, featuring a pocket goat plush and canvas poster perfectly packaged in a custom box with original artwork from The Manikians!

XSEED Games (@XSEED Games) December 16, 2022

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