The Super Nintendo Pass Review is held at the end of January

Universal Studios is preparing an early look at the newly rebuilt Super Nintendo World for its pass holders and warned customers to wait till long queues. The annual Pass preview of Super Nintendo World will take place from January 29 – February 11 p.m. Passes'' preview reservations start Monday, January 5th at 3:30.

Universal Studios Hollywood will get an early look at the newly rebuilt Super Nintendo World and warn its pass holders for the annual passholders. They warned customers that they shouldn’t expect long queues. The annual pass preview is going to take place from January 29 to February 11th. On January 17, everyone will be in a freehold.

Preview passes allow for new land, roads, restaurants and shops in the lower part of the theater. Until it is found that this is a technical test The Universals term for a soft opening, the locations are often closed.

Pass holders can book a one-off or two of the screening dates, whether their annual passes are not blacked out on the date of the event or not. Annual Passholders reserve a slot when they make reservations, and they can only access Super Nintendo during that two-hour window.


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