The Winter Wonderland event with lots of treats has now gone on

Winter Wonderland event packed with treats is back in the ARK with new content and rewards. The holidays are just those days when we're putting on some ARK treats. The Winter Wonderland in-game event returns until January 5th. During this time, a DR, who snags more than enough prizes and loot-filled gifts can collect 12 new [] prizes.

Winter Wonderland presents new content and rewards.

For the holiday, it’s the right time. Winter Wonderland in-game event returns on its fifth year anniversary. This time, the surviving ARK residents can collect unused prizes, cash, and save 10 new Chibis from this winter arctic tradition.

It’s the first in-game event that Nintendo Switch players have created since last month ARK: Survival Evolved reboot. This combines the games with PC and console ARK players.

The ARK: Dochration expanded list of features on the 26th of December, with exotic new challenges for Switch players.

Check out the trailer ARK: Aberration here.

September’ reboot of ARK Switch launched a new story content update which can be used in the PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

The story update shows a new set of early, end and intro cinematic scenes for each ARK map, and the multiplayer-requested video game Scorched Earth Ascension.

Finally, the patch re-examines old content and adds an entirely new experience. The player says: “What happens the games?” with the help of David Tennant and Madden to play dinos and makeleine Madden “as well as the help of Helena Walker,” and “The enquiries reverberate on Aberrations” as well.

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition you can buy 45.99 dollars or play in Xbox Games Pass subscription.

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