There’s Read You, a scholarship which I use to read the news and not miss anything

In order to stay informed, we can go to Google, but in my case, I'm fond of feedings. The news is always read to me by mobile and as a user of the Android app, I decided to change my mind and meet Read You. []

To catch up on the news, we can go to Google. In fact, I don’t like anything more than a feed reader. I’m already using my mobile to read news every day, so I decided to change from a frequent user to a loyal user one day – and I met Read You.

The modest app will improve as it is still on development, adding the cool features and the user experience. He is still my principal application.

In my knowledge of simplicity, when you read, there’s the ultimate comfort.

Who does the mean, is there the saying of “Scratch? “? Reeder’s design and simplicity are hallmarks of the design. This is the city where we was born to read You, which aims to be an alternative to Googles mobile operating system. When I found it, I’d look for free apps in the F-Droid repository, and it was love right out of the box.

Design is the key to your read and that is that it follows the Android language, Material You. That app feels like a little better with other occasions of course. Navigating through its menus is a pleasant experience. Our attention comes as the fluidity and simplicity of his abilities.

When I first installed this application, I thought I’d find an interface. Rather, I’m looking for a simple solution.

An app tour: look out and see your flow in a clean, functional way.

This application is good for followers like feeds, because it is different from the traditional RSS feed, because it’s easy to use and is very easily designed. Every day, the biggest news I’ve ever seen is the importance of watching the screen. All this is important when we look at the news, so they take a look at the key in the day’s events. I turned on the hourly refresh option so I won’t have to hit the update button.

To add some stream, just tap the + symbol on the right. The application will display a window as its window allows us to enter the URL of the post on which the post is presented. As an alternative, you can import an OPML file with all the fonts you used in other similar applications. Since I installed it first, I managed to import my personal files without problems.

In the lower menu, we have three main areas: featured, unread and archived. Before it is finished, this section will gather all the news, which we mark as exceptional, very useful, if we really desire to read more.

The second section is the most used. This unread section will be the initial screen (though you can change it as you want). As soon as the newspaper arrives, the newspaper can be sorted and the clicks on any of them will leave a good player. We can change the reading page to suit our liking. Including different types of fonts, how the reader does, or what the title does, you can use, to change the layout.

All this options allow us to choose the reading page.

The customization offered by Read You is highly appreciated. In order to make good use of reading news from our feeds, the reader will learn about the different tastes he shares with us.

In order to finish with the main sections, the archived section contains, as its name suggests, the news that we have already marked as read. I don’t normally go here, but I could’ve marked a news by mistake and if it weren’t that good, ever have them on hand, in case you missed something.

That’s what the All and Featured sections are like in Read You.

The settings are very exhaustive and you can change almost everything.

Enter Read You settings is as simple as tapping the cogwheel in the right corner. Upon entering the settings screen will be displayed. What we can change, you can change::

  • account: We can use both local accounts (that would be lost if we didn’t save them before formatting the mobile) or online accounts which will soon be available, or service like Feedly, FreshRSS or Google Reader. The app is under development and not activated. However, the developer has improved the app every few weeks.

  • This option shows how it fits the Android language. There’s a screen where we can change the accent color, as well as on Android. It has a dark mode and has the option to change the style of the three pages, the source, the reading and the feed. This is one of our strengths. We can do that in detail.

  • Interaction: This third parameter will change the application’s behavior. We can change the page that we see when we open it and our filter.

  • The two previous configurations are not important. Read You is available in more languages including Spanish. Finally, the advice section offers us useful links to learn more about him, such as his Telegram channel.

Parameters have branches. In Color and Style, we can change the accent color and customize the appearance to perfection.

And now, that’s all that Read You offers us as a newsreader. If you’re looking for a good feed reader, you won’t regret choosing this one. It uses a lot of customization, and his design is another advantage. I wanted to replace my old app and found one that meets my needs.

If you want to download this app, you can do this either in the F-Droid repository or from Github, where the developer regularly releases new versions.