This trick is useful to have two Bizum accounts on the same Android phone

Don't buy a present, give the cost: you use the Bizum method and then settle your accounts quickly and quickly. But Bizum is not only aimed at people but also employees. You can use it for your company even if you want to.

There are no excuses to settle accounts after paying for dinner, buying a present or having a crew or visiting your house and paying the bills. You use Bizum and settle quickly and easily. But Bizum isn’t only aimed at individuals, since it can use for your company or business, as long as you remember that it is subject to the rules of the Treasury as well as such prohibitions and penalties.

One of these is the phone number that cannot only be assigned to one bank account number. But you can do something: use the same phone with two different accounts.

The official website, often questioned, said that the service is clear: to use Bizum is enough to provide a bank account (IBAN) with one of the branches that offer the services and a mobile phone number.

The first time you’ll need to download the corresponding application from the same bank in the Play Store or the Apple Store (if you are using an iPhone) and then enter your credentials to access the Bizum section. Now is the question of telephones and bank accounts.

One phone, two accounts with Bizum.

As we get further into the introduction, we have:

Telephone numbers must be given to multiple banking accounts. You can change the moneys and save money a little more.

That’s a simple answer: a number per account.

but yes, multiple phone numbers can be combined with the same account. If you and your partner use the same bank account, the two parts of the couple can register by linking their phone numbers to the same bank account.

Should you like two Bizum accounts on your phone? You need two mobile phones and one bank account. This shouldn’t be a problem, and if you have a mobile with two SIM slots, is this only present in Android phones? If then, you have two SIM cards with their two different numbers.

Hello, @Bizum_ES. We have a question: Can I have two zoos on the same phone, two different sims? Thanks for letting me know!

Saioa Rolan Azcona (@Charcodelocos) November 4, 2019

Of course you will need two bank accounts for Bizum, since you downloaded the application and activated that to identify your two mobile numbers, then you’ll need two mobile numbers. That case can be very useful, for example for freelancers who use telephone and an account to their own personal use, their personal account and phone numbers as well.