Ubisoft has been looking for testers for his new Star Wars game

A few years ago, Ubisoft surprised us all by making announcing that the division franchises development team worked on a new Star Wars game. A title of which nothing is known, beyond the fact that in 2021 it was very early in development. However, the development progresses and moves the strength of that person.

Ubisoft surprised us by announcement that The Division franchises was working on a new Star Wars game. The title is nothing but that, right now that it was in 2021, the very beginning of the development. However, the development progresses and progresses to the strength.

One good example of that is the latest tweet made by Massive Entertainment, where they state they are looking for a game tester for their new galactic project.

Massive Entertainment is doing its best to test the Star Wars XP test.

If we say that the game is close to release, no matter what. And this will let us know that open-world Star Wars they are preparing continue to make progress. and that it has a stable base, with ideas and ideas that will certainly eventually become a final version. Besides, these tests generally run frequently for video game development so that the player can help with their decision to vote.

If you’re interested in joining this team of testers, be careful that that’s the one of the most effective tasks in Malmo that is done very often for people en a couple of hours. If you read by the end of the window, you can open this link.

We are looking for stars tested.

Massive Entertainment A Ubisoft studio (@UbiMassive) December 16, 2022.

Star Wars does not have any release date yet, though they aren’t expected to release until 2025 at the earliest. Before that, the studio will present us Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, which was delayed to a time when it will be determined in the fiscal year 2023-2024 from late 2022.


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