We have a test of my favorite 7-Elevens!

The question is, do we want a convenience store to sell luxury food at a reasonable price?

The question is, would you want a convenience store to sell luxury food at reasonable prices?

No one can doubt that the days of Japanese convenience stores with only cheap and serviceable food are in the past. I think they keep growing their fresh and prepared meals to the awe of what their expectations are. Here’s the difference between cheap and reliable meals at convenience stores.

The 7-Elevens brand of high-quality products called Seven Premium, are among the most competitive in this genre. From the powerhouse come two foods you would have enjoyed in the past, but you simply wouldn’t like them to see: pate and terrine. Convenience stores now sell items that you like to see just around the corner. What time to live.

These aren’t found in seven-Eleven sides. When we found them, we couldn’t help but do a double-take. I was looking for them as if we were doing something like that.

We’ve tried the beef and pork titrenes first.

This mixture even had a pair of pistachios, which were very popular in Japan this year. They really went above and beyond to produce this, but it only cost 398 yen (22.88).

But the essence of the flavor really matters. After tasting it, I ate some.

I eat very good! It didn’t taste good, but it still had a lovely aroma of herbs, chicken and pork. The texture was a bit stiff but didn’t look like ham. It was a proper terrine. Wed go so far to say that even people who have never tried terrine before and are afraid they won’t like it may find it delicious.It was also much bigger than the packaging, which was a very nice surprise.

Next we tried the Pate de Campagne. It cost 398 yen and is made of domestically raised chicken meat.

Pizza can be knocked out, even if the restaurant doesn’t. The pate is made of the animal’s organs. It is really good to smell a solid dog. When you serve quality food, a pate that doesn’t have a strong scent, not only for its full flavor, but also to others that make a meatish aroma interesting. If you don’t like liver, you’re not a big thinker.

How would the seven premiums for the hammer?

There were a lot of herbs and spices as well as the terrine, which did an excellent job in suppressing its pungent smell, but the aftertaste really tasted like liver. This flavor got much darker than the terrine, too.

If you don’t like liver, you won’t probably like it that much. The liver and wild meat lovers are very tasty! It was flawless, and perfectly polished. Like it is expected of seven Premium, whose potential is still unknown to us every day.

7-Eleven also sells wine and mixed nuts. The Seven Premium brand also includes cheeses, so you could buy one of these and sell a reasonable wine and cheese night for your friends a few times in a row, just a few times in the shop. Call it a fancy senbero!

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