Would you want to lose money? Buy an Chromebook and get on right?

If you do not know what Google Chrome is, it's basically a mobile device. You only need to install the app, installed at the Play Store. And while it's cloud-centered, it's much more likely that everything has to be saved in Google Drive. Why should you not buy [] a single order?

If you don’t know what Google Chrome is, this is usually a Android version. This only allows you to install apps that are available in the Play Store and compatible. It’s very cloud-focused, therefore most of the time it is just about to save all of its contents in Google Drive.

Why don’t you pay for a Chromebook?

Maybe you saw them and thought that $200-300 for a laptop isn’t bad. But, buying one of these laptops is a big mistake. They have low-speed processors, very little RAM and, above all, very little storage. There’s still more.

Processors, quite poor, but in fact.

Chromebooks usually carry very low-end processors from Intel or basic products from Qualcomm. In all these cases, they’re not the processor with a very low consumption and a limited performance. Basically, one can say these are smartphone processors that are stuck on a laptop. While they can move Chrome OS without a hitch, we will notice that the performance is weak.

4 GB of RAM in 2022? Please

Laptops with this operating system usually only use 4 GB of RAM. Despite the way the battery can be expanded, it wouldn’t seem like it is possible to extend the capacity to eight GB. The problem is that the operating system has also failed to work with dual channels, which is not used in smartphones. So normally a RAM module is installed and running.

Intention, a problem.

If you have no doubt, this laptop is packed with storage. A normal thing is that each tablet has 64 GB or 1828 GB of memory, or eMMC that is used by smartphone users. Although they offer excellent speeds, they don’t go very fast to those with an SSD. This is because of this operating system, which is built to work in the cloud.

They tend to have connectivity limitations.

Because the processors are quite simple, connectivity is very limited. They usually have two or three USB ports. It is often difficult for laptops to have a microphone to connect external components. It might be a problem, but in principle it shouldn’t be.

Can’t be improved.

When we talk about improvement, we talk about expansion directly. You receive the supply of power for a card. If we wanted to put more RAM or an SSD, there’s no way. These laptops are powered by one another.

Do these laptops have any good ones?

The truth is that it’s not everything that must be good in this life. They have interesting things but the cons list is actually quite long. These laptops are more or less unique when it comes to autonomy and ease of use.

They give an excellent autonomy.

All the rest of the components, and the operating system – they offer a lot of autonomy. typically move between 10 and 12 hours for one or two months for some purpose, but only it’s easier. Thus they observe the first positive one.

They have simple processors, usually consists of plastic and, at most, 10 inches. For all these factors these laptops are generally very light. It can also be interesting if you travel a lot.

Chrome, well, half way up some time, for example.

The operating system is Google and is available on Android. The good thing about it is how are you? accustomed to using this operating system on your smartphone and its intuitive. But the worst is that you can only install apps from play store, and it’s very cloud focused.

Table of Contents.

  • Why don’t you buy a Chromebook?
    • We’re very poor at the processor.
    • Four GB of RAM in 2022? Please
    • Storage, a problem.
    • They tend to have connectivity restrictions.
    • Nothing can be improved.
  • Do these laptops have good ones?
    • They give autonomy.
    • Chrome OS, well, half.