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News receipt plan Pricing divided by three before Christmas to take advantage of the Fnac+ card! Published on Saturday, June 12 at 20:50. It's not too late to do Christmas shopping, but to be reminded that if you haven't finished your presents, you'll not be late either. In case of a Fnac+ Card, the order will be made before [].

Report receipt plan Price divided by 3 to take advantage of the Fnac+ card!

Published on 12/19/2022 at 3:55.

It’s not too late to do Christmas shopping, but to say that you haven’t finished the presents, you will not go in to it very early. The Fnac+ Card makes it much cheaper to deliver before Christmas.

Fortunately, many brands are developing their own loyalty system to reward loyal customers. Some of these products are cheaper than others and have very interesting benefits. But the other way around is that membership is paid.

Buy the Fnac+ card for $4.99.

Fnac+ is one of those premium loyalty programs and costs typically $1,99 per year. If you don’t go to bed, that’s quite right, you must pay for it soon. It’s available now for $4.99 for the first year on Tuesday, 21 December.

What are the advantages of the Fnac+ card?

If you aren’t already a member of Fnac+, then it’s likely worth it to reap the benefits of free priority Express Shipping, regardless of the amount that you pay in your cart, within one business day.

By sharing that card, you can also get access to exclusive discounts during private sales and member weekends. And not all of all, you always get the 5% discount on many books, high-tech products, or the stationery department every year.

If you are used to pre-ordering your video games, you’ll want to know that Fnac allows you to make money on several pre-orders that you can spend at a shop like Fnac or Darty. Typically these gifts are one-to-one vouchers for a ten-figure purchase of the video game, so that we can apply this for a less productive money. As I said, these four hundred dollars will probably soon cost them.

Buy the Fnac+ card for $4.99.

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