An extagonized Thracia Protagonist introduces Leifia

The officialJapaneseFire EmblemTwitter account introduced new characters for the recently announcedFire Emblem Engage, as well as sharing new gameplay clips. Today we introduced the Emblem iteration of Leif.

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She is the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 is a courageous prince, the descendants of two Crusaders. He’s a wacky man with a number of guns which suit various circumstances. If the user can earn an affinity for weapon in an encounter, Leifs Syncro Skill is an improvement on the taken destruction.

Third, his Engage Weapon has high chances of performing critical hits, and when his Engage Skill is capable of destroying the users weapon, it’ll make it that useful-looking attack takes place by an enemy. However, ranged attacks are likely to mean a weapon swap for counterattacks rather than counterattacks. Lastly, ‘Lifs Engage Attack’ deals multiple hits with huge chance of breaking a foe, and Martial Arts have assured a’realistic’ chance of causing the effects.

Leif received a conversation clip and a tweet thread detailing his combat capability, and viewed below:

(@FireEmblemJP) December 19, 2022

(@FireEmblemJP) December 19, 2022

Fire Emblem Engageis is now playing for Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

The new player named Alear follows the new protagonist after her mother, Lumiere, appears to perish and imparts them the mission of combining special rings with new enemies to bring peace to the world.

These rings summon notable heroes from otherFire Emblem titles, including fan favorites such as Lyn, Corrin, Marth and Byleth. And, besides granting obvious gameplay benefits and alterations, they converse with newEngage Characters and act as vehicles for potential growth.

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The title recently sold over one million units in the world.