Are we talking about murder?

This episode is happening by September 19, 2022 at 6 am. During that episode, the ex-Chancellor talks about the true crime. Angela Merkel talks about the Ring of Wagner. The first of its kind to listen to the SWR.


December 19, 2022 at six.

In this podcast, the ex-Chancellor talks about how crime works with the truth of the matter: Are we talking about murder? a great visitor to the present issue. Angela Merkel talks about the Wagner Ring.

Howardly presenters of the SWR 2 podcast Are we talking about murder? – Angela Merkel is in the current issue. (Source: SWR/Oliver Reuther)

  • Angela Merkel can currently be heard in the SWR podcast Lets talk about murder.
  • The former minister, known as an opera fan, talks about the Richard Wagner Ring des Nibelungen.
  • All three episodes are available now.

In December 2019, the SWR2 true crime podcast The murder is a real crime. The most prominent guest of all time can now be heard in the latest issue, Angela Merkel. ARD terrorism expert Holger Schmidt and former federal judge Thomas Fischer aren’t discussing a real crime case with the former Chancellor this time.

The opera fans can talk about the Wagner Ring.

I’m on the look of murder! It’s going to make the case very interesting. Even the special edition of the opera fan Angela Merkel revolves around crime matters and motivations in Richard Wagner’s Red Book. In three episodes, Merkel, Schmidt and Fischer talk about three central motifs of the work: greed, revenge, and vanity. According to the SWR, if any similarities between actual events and live/deceased people are just coincidence.

There are now three episodes online.

Are we talking about murder? The article is, on Mondays, from the ARD Audiothek to the PBS, from the SWR2 and into a general podcast portal. The three films with Angela Merkel are now available online.

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