Artists in self-liberately Sh*tty Simpsons Gift is basically a kind of genius

What do you give to the Simpsons fan who has everything? Why don't you rereproduce a classic gag from the show?

How do you give the Simpsons fan everything? Do you have the honour to say that a classic gag is not a reality?

Last week, Reddit users removed a photo to r/pics, and a photo of a spice rack built for a shitty gift exchange. The gifts were intentionally terrible. Or maybe its a gift exchange that cle1110 personally believes is shitty? To be able to come with this bad boy and be in the room, the recipient unwraps! In the photo shared with the Reddit thread, a spice rack is an almost exact replica of a spice rack, that Homer Simpson tries to create for Marge in season 2: Itchy and Scratchy and Marge; a misshapen abomination with nails sticking out of it.

A Homers spice rack is a frock. These gifts are made for a “shitty gift exchange” made out of pics.

But wait! cle1110 is not the only user with Reddit who has already recieved Homers spice rack. By 2019, gippy44 posted their own replica of the rack and shared it on r/woodworking. The user confirmed that the rack holds sufficient spices.

In the original episode, Homers touched at the importance of Marge taking care of her pork chops, and proposes to build a spice rack for her. He visits the garage, consults a heavy book with spice racks, and then picks up a hammer with the price still on it. Later, he checks the photo in the book with the rack in front of him and realizes it is not exactly the same.

Sooner in the episode, we see Marge using it even though the spices don’t fit into the bottom. It’s the result of a successful marriage. It’s a gesture of love, even if it’s misguided.

These spice racks are excellent for Reddit. Even though they’re the prettiest in the world, they’re more unique than most Simpsons merch.

(Actually titled 20th TV)